Antonio Frigerio

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Antonio Frigerio

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Name: Antonio Frigerio
Earned Name: Aquilon
Age: 28
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Brown
Skin color: Caucasian
Birthplace: Milan, Italy

Offensive Power: Ice Generation
Aquilon has the ability to freeze any local air moisture into ice or snow. He can form the ice in a variety of shapes limited by his imagination, the amount of moisture in the air and the distance his wishes it to form. The ice will last as long as it takes to melt, though by continuing to focus his power on a particular piece of ice he can prevent it from undergoing the normal melting process.

Defensive Power: Ice Armor
Aquilon can encase his body in ice which serves as armor to protect him from most attacks. His body can be fully encased in ice, but movement is still possible. A hit with sufficient force can crack this armor. The armor can be reformed, but Giovanni will be temporarily vulnerable. Also, sufficient heat can weaken the armor. Additionally, he will not fully form his armor while on horseback due to the potential to seriously injure the animal from the cold and weight. He will cover only his most vulnerable areas with a thinner version of his armor until he can dismount.

Languages: English, French, Italian and Italian dialects (Venetian, Sicilian, Neapolitan, etc.)

Born the youngest son of a minor Italian lord and a member of the Medici family, Antonio was surrounded by many powerful people. Though he was never destined for any position of power, his family?s money an influence allowed him to grow up comfortably and to receive an education far beyond what was typical for most during the time.

Growing up he was taught the use of weapons since it was expected that he would eventually join the military. He was also tutored in many subjects and it was during one of his lessons that his gift first manifested itself. He was studying at night and a candle was knocked over, setting his book on fire. He reached out with his hand, wishing the fire to cool down. He was shocked to see the fire stop and the book covered in ice. His family had enough influence to keep the tutor quiet, less for Antonio?s protection than as a means to protect its own reputation. It was decided then, however, that the military was not the place for him for fear he would reveal his abilities in the heat of battle.

When he was old enough, he attended the University of Padua where he received a degree in philosophy and astronomy. He was lucky enough to study astronomy under Galileo during his time there. He had hoped to remain in the University and eventually teach when his powers were revealed publicly when he stopped the mugging of a priest by covering the assailant?s legs in ice. He knew his family would not protect him from the public?s reaction or from the Truth-seekers, so he left immediately. Since that time he has been traveling doing odd jobs and making money as he could, sometimes in less than savory ways. He adopted the name Aquilon after the Roman god of the north wind, the bringer of winter, to hide his identity. He recently came across a rumor that Lord Curran in France was a protector of those such as he, those he discovered were known as the Gifted, and so he has set off in search for him.

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