Dragon Rider Profile Template

New characters for 'Eternal's Realm' - profiles must be posted and approved before joinning the game.
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Dragon Rider Profile Template

Post by Sarken » April 4th, 2009, 4:08 pm

Name: Character’s true name
Earned Name: (like a code name)

Skin color:

Typical attire

Dragon Mount:
Gender: (always the opposite of the rider)

Scale type- Good alignment- gemstones… Chaotic alignment: chromatic
Bonded time- length of time rider and dragon have been together and bound
Breath weapons: See Dragon Breeds chart for typical breath weapons, special or alternate breath weapons by management approval

Lores: this will depend on where your dragon is hatched.

Examples: A dragon hatched in Greece would hold all knowledge of the Grecian mythology, Lores, and legends.

A dragon hatched at the Citadel would hold all the knowledge of the Draconian race, their ways and Lores.

Some dragon breeds nest and hatch only in specific regions. There are legends and myths that speak of sacred nesting grounds known only to the specific dragon breeds.

Emerald dragons are solely hatched in Ireland.

Characters Psionic Abilities-

Limited Telepathy and Animal Kin are default abilities- this is for the bonding between rider and dragon.

Limited Telepathy-
Dragon Riders are known by their skills with their bonded mounts. They are specifically chosen by a limited telepathic connection to a specific dragon. This is how the dragon finds his or her intended psionic mount.

They can only use this with their dragon mount (the dragons can speak- telepathically to anyone- even a group- though they prefer only doing so with other dragons and their riders- of course- they will speak only to their own riders- not that of another dragon)

Animal Kin- dragon- all riders have learned to understand the dragons and can deal with them on a telepathic level- (only with dragons though) - they can communicate, empathize, and even deduce the dragon's state of being- the longer they have been "partnered" the closer the "relationship"

One Offense / Attack ability

One Defense ability

One Muted (examples of this would be something that is neither a combat nor defense ability such as: self healing or metabolic resistance)

Back Ground: A history of the character up to the point where he or she entered the story. Make at least a minimum of 500 words.
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