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Lee Adama

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Full Name: Lee Joseph Adama
Call Sign: Apollo
Affiliation- Colonial Fleet

Gender Male
Date of Birth: u/n -
Place of Birth- Caprica City, Caprica

IQ - 135
Height 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Weight 157 lbs

Race Caucasian
Eye Color blue
Hair Color dark brown

Father William Adama
Mother Caroline Adama (believed deceased)
Siblings Zak Adama (deceased)

Marital Status Single - current
widowed by Anastasia Dualla
formerly engaged to Gianne

Birth Rank 1st of 2

Children 1 unborn child by Gianne (presumed deceased)

Education -
- Primary - Caprican Public Schools
- Secondary - Heracles High School- Caprica
- College - War College

Military n/a

Colonial Fleet Reserves- viper pilot
Galactica / Colonial Fleet post Fall

Positions Held:

Present- Delegate, Quorum of Twelve- Representing Caprica
Battlestar CO- Pegasus
Viper Pilot - Galactica CAG
Special Advisor to the President- short term
Colonial Fleet Reserves - prior to Colonial Fall


Lee has a complicated history. Life was good until he was eight when his parents divorced. That's when things changed for him. Distance grew with his father, William Adama, with his absence from being in the military. As a result, he was closer to his mother. She encouraged him to think for himself, discover his own ideals. It was this grooming that led him to read banned books by Tom Zarek during his college years.

One thing Lee discovered about himself was that, even without his father's influence and presence, Lee had inherited his passion for flight. After college, he explored this by enlisting in the Colonial Defense military reserves. After basic training, he went on to the military academy where he graduated third in his class. From there, he went on to Flight School.

This is when he met Kara Thrace, a flight instructor who was dating his brother, Zak. He developed an intense friendship with Thrace. Spending time with her and Zak he bonded with them in a way only other pilots could understand.

In graduating from flight school, Lee was certified in a number of vessels including Vipers and Raptors. As a lieutenant in the Colonial Fleet Reserve, he was assigned to fly a Viper Mark VII.

When Zak died during a mission, while those in charge blamed pilot error Lee blamed his father. In Lee's mind it was William's pushing, his pressure to become a pilot and follow in Dad's footsteps that drove Zak to his end. This mindset determined the course for him and their relationship. It estranged them and set Lee in a direction away from William and his influence.

It is this begrudging attitude that he carries with him through the days and years after Zak's death. It deprives him of the feeling of having the honor to fly his father's Viper Mark II during the ceremony to decommission the Battlestar Galactica. He kept himself in-check and went through with the flyby. On this day, he was reunited with Thrace and his father. While he was glad to see her, it was not so for his father.

After the ceremony, Lee flew escort for the flight with the 'then' Secretary of Education Laura Roslyn. It was during this flight that the Cylons attacked. With some quick thinking and maneuvering he thwarts the attack on ship. Boarding, he finds himself greeted by a grateful Roslyn and her asking him to be an advisor to her.

During the following years, Lee 'Apollo' Adama served as a pivotal player in the survival of the Colonial Fleet. He served as a viper pilot on Galactica, he was appointed CAG by Colonel Tigh, and acted as a special advisor to President Laura Roslin. He spent time on a second battlestar, the Pegasus, as part of her crew and at one point he CO. It wasn't to last though. Ultimately, he destroyed the Pegasus during the second exodus from the world they named New Caprica. In the aftermath, he resumed is post as CAG on Galactica.

He soon found himself rekindling a childhood dream of being a lawyer, like his grandfather. The scientist Gaius Baltar was arrested and the people demanded his head for the fall of New Caprica. Since he had taken over as president, the people wanted him to pay.

Lee is asked by President Laura Roslyn to oversee the trial. He chooses to decline because of his CAG duties. Then William Adama give Lee his father's law books. A memento of the man, long past. With these books and acting as security for Romo Lampkin, Baltar's lawyer, Lee develops and interest in the trial.

This case ultimately strikes the fire in him for the law. He makes decisions and takes actions that cost him the respect Roslyn had for him and his wife. And yet, despite being alone, he stuck to his convictions. He pursued justice, pushing that Baltar be forgiven like others had been before him. That he should be treated no differently.

Following the success of the trial, Lee slips into the uniform one more time to fight off a Cylon attack. This action led to William offering him back his wings. Lee refused, believing it was time he made a change; one he felt had been a long time in coming. He shifted his gears towards politics. It's Tom Zarek who recommends Lee for the slot of Caprican Representative on the Quorum of Twelve. He holds this position until it appears the Laura Roslyn is too sick to continue as president.

The vote is cast and Lee is made President of the Twelve Colonies but not for long. One final battle remains.

On the discovery of the world they believe to be Earth, the child Hera is abducted. Lee transfers the power of the Presidency to Vice President Lampkin as he joins the volunteers.

Though the mission is successful it came at a heavy price. Many lives had been lost and Galactica was broken- all for one, single, small, young child. Hera was family and you do what you can for family.

In the end, thanks to Thrace, they found themselves a drift just beyond the moon of a vibrant world. Tension was high as the question was asked "Where are we?"

When the com-officer picked up a hail, Lee gasped, sighing as he breathed in relief. They were not alone in the galaxy. He sunk to the floor allowing himself to tale the moment to rest.

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