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Katie Siler

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Given Name Katie Siler
Code Name: n/a
Affiliation- Civil Servant

Gender Female
Date of Birth: Sept 27
Place of Birth- Lakenheath AFB, England

IQ - 130
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 124 lbs

Race Caucasian
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown

Father Dan Siler
Mother Ellen Stanton Siler
Marital Status Single
Birth Rank 2nd of 2

Education -
- Primary - Colorado Springs Public Schools
- Secondary - East High School- Colorado Springs, Colorado
- College - Western Iowa Tech Community College- Major EMS Paramedic

Military n/a

Hobbies - Katie learned to play the acoustic guitar with her cousin Derek. She also likes Sci-fi video games, tai chi, and pole dances in private as a form a meditation.


Katie Siler is the youngest of the 5 Siler children in her generation. At two years old, her parents left her with her brother and cousins at their grandparents' farm. As a result of being raised together, she sees her cousins more like siblings. She grew up feeling safe and protected by them.

Her favorite part of growing up- spending the summers with Josh and their parents. They would fly out to whatever base their folks were stationed unless it was too dangerous.

Unfortunately, no one saw what was coming. Josh, Derek, and Ashley were already off to the military and Alicia was off to college. High school was a different scene without her protectors.

She met the boy in first grade, they became fast friends and grew to become best friends. She knew that Nathan Bridger hated it when she'd leave for the summers, even though she always came back. This changed in high school. He wanted to shift to a romance with her, she didn't feel the same.

11th grade- her date to the Winter Dance was found injured in the school parking lot. His family moved away after he was released from the hospital. Katie always suspected Nathan but had no proof. So, she kept quiet.

12th grade, after the Prom, Katie's and her date joined a number of other students at the diner across the street. It was a tradition hosted by the owner, giving the kids a place to go after school dances. This night was no different- until Nathan.

Unable to attend the dance, he waited in the restaurant. When the group entered and gathered at a group of tables, he watched them. As Katie's date leaned close to kiss her cheek- Nathan bolted. He rushed around the group, grabbed the boy by his collar and pummeled him to the floor. It took 4 of the boys to pull Nathan off.

"I don't know what's wrong with you, but I never want to see you again," Katie told him before taking her date to the hospital.

Nathan was arrested and received probation, he was banned from graduation.

One of the family's graduation gifts for her was seeing her brother. Somehow, their father managed to get him a 2-week pass so he could be there. Josh's gift to her was a camcorder with a rig for inside her car. She was excited to be able to log her journey to college.

The day after Josh left to return to 'The Sandbox', Katie set out on her drive from Colorado Springs, Co. to Sioux City, IA. She was all set and looking forward to attending college to become a paramedic.

On the road away from home, an old truck began tailgating her. The vehicle slammed into her back end multiple times, forcing her off the road, into a ditch. Before she had fully recovered, the driver - Nathan - busted the window and pulled her out. He slammed her to the ground, beating her.

As he spewed verbal abuses, she cried, screamed his name, begged him to stop. Her one hope was that the camcorder was getting it. With a single blow of his fist to her temple, she was knocked unconscious.

When she woke, it was to the light and voices of a reporter and her cameraman. She fought her pain to take a deep breath. The one thing she knew would tell them she was alive. They tried to pull her from the ditch stopping from her cries of pain.

The sirens soon followed. Several police cars and Fire Rescue Station 14 arrived. Her mind was like fog, filled with the noises and flashes of what happened.

"What is your name?"

"Can you tell us who did this?"

The questions seemed to fire at her in rapid secession. She couldn't keep up, to catch even a thought, and the light in her eye burned with pain. Every movement to take her from the ditch was painful.

In the ambulance, she grasped the forearm of the medic. "I was going to be one of you."

"Is that right?" His smile was kind. She wanted to remember it.

"My name is Katie Siler, I won a scholarship."

"Well, we'll make sure you get to use it," He ran his hand over her hair to treat her head wound. "Just hang in there. Can you tell me who did this to you?"

"Nathan… Nathan Bridger,"

Katie spent several weeks in a medical coma followed by 6 months of rehab.

The trial lasted a year with Nathan's parents fighting, declaring his innocence. The video recording was the key piece of evidence. For a brief moment, right after pulling her from the car, Nathan was captured on the film. The lawyer argued down the charges from attempted murder to aggravated assault. Nathan received 10 years in a mental institution.

After the trial, Katie spent 2 years in a sanctuary to recover from the ordeal- mentally. When she left, she returned to her plans and set her life back on track.

In graduating from college- she returned home and applied to the county for a position at Station 14. She wanted to work with the crew that had helped save her life.

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