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Author:  Sarken [ April 10th, 2010, 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  Boundaries


What happens when the unexpected occurs on a cosmic level? Mere days after the successful assault on Volcania, Captain Power and his team learn the answer.


This is a cross-venue involving characters from Psionics Millennium. All recognized characters from the Captain Power concept are the property of Gary Goddard, The Goddard Group, and Landmark Entertainment. I am in no way associated with any of these entities. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author:  Sarken [ April 10th, 2010, 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Boundaries

Chapter 1

Daybreak and the first rays of sunlight were obscured by the metallic dust particles in the atmosphere. The ravages of war have left little if any indication of civilization. And still, somewhere in the landscape, life endured. Where once great cities had stood their ruins were like canyons crumbling with decay. Where lush fertile land had spread only dry desolate ground remained.

At Lake Meade Airfield the sign lay broken and burnt. One hook remained still grasping the rusted chain link fence. A small lizard scampered over the sign to greet the morning. A rumbling vibration through the air sent the creature running. Clouds pooled over the airport as the wind grew to hurricane force with a hollowed moan. As the pressure built lightning veined across the sky.

The corroded shells of small planes were tossed about. They shattered against mounds of debris, remnants of buildings, and each other. Some disintegrated on impact and others mangled together.

As the storm intensified it churned into a massive vortex. From the epicenter a blue light burst through. Its brilliant intensity blotted out the darkness.

The dwarfed shadowy form of a vehicle emerged from the chaos. It sped over the jagged and debris laced earth and spun in a wide circle to stop. A flurry of weapons fire was unleashed against the anomaly creating a massive explosion. The power expelled scorched the ground and devoured the vortex in a dark and fiery cloud.


"Database Journal forty-seven twelve, mark one; Hawk recording. It's been a few days since our victory over Dread. Several cells of the resistance have followed our lead. With the team split we're doing what we can to help. Pilot and I have been running supplies in between the cells as well as The Passages."

Major Matthew ‘Hawk' Masterson saved his recording just as his young friend and teammate joined him.

Pilot smiled with innocence as she took her seat at the controls. "The last crate is unloaded, are you ready head home?"

"Yeah," Hawk strapped into the co-pilot seat to help with the preflight check. He felt restless, there were things on his mind and wanted to talk. "I couldn't help notice how you are with the kids; you're a natural."

"They make it easy," She blushed. "They're great kids."

"Sure they are. I remember when Mitch and Katie were that young." With a heartfelt sigh Hawk allowed himself to think about the future and the past. He envisioned a wedding for Pilot and Jon while remembering the days his children were born, their first cries and how it felt to hold them. "Have you ever thought about it?"

"Having kids? Sure, but not any time soon... I don't know, maybe after the war is over."

"I can understand that, still, there's something about having kids that changes our perspective on things." He knew what he was doing. Pilot was in love with their leader. Hawk was convinced it was mutual as were their teammate. Still, the plan to get them together had not been going well. Despite distractions and the war he was determined to see it through.

"There is nothing like holding a new born baby in your arms." He rambled on. "When it's your own baby words cannot describe the feelings." He saw her blush and smiled. "All right, I'll stop."

"We can talk about it more when we get home."

"Good, then I'll have some one keeping me company while I cook." He returned his focus to the preflight check.
The grind of the hatch opening gain their attention. Scout jumped aboard and took his seat at the com-station.
"Is the Captain with you?" Hawk asked.

"I'm here." Fatigued and stoic, Jon Power appeared in the hatchway. He looked to each member of his team before taking the command chair. "Has there been any word from Tank?"

"Right behind you captain." The hulking form of a soldier filled the hatchway. He took his place at the weapons console.

"Tobias stopped me for a moment. He says we should be careful out there. A storm is gathering over the Lake Meade area."

"That's good to know." Jon nodded.

"So, what were you two talking about?" Scout asked with a nod to Hawk.

"Having kids," The older man paused with a flush of embarrassment. "That is my experience and her thoughts on it."

"You know he's got a point," Scout secured the hatch and returned to his seat. "Once this is over, we'll have to start thinking about the future." He flashed a coy smiles as he looked from Pilot to Jon and then Hawk. "I wouldn't mind having a few rug rats to chance around."

"That would certainly be preferable to chasing biomechs." Hawk quipped.

"I get your meaning." Jon sighed and chuckled. "Pilot, take us home... And avoid that storm."

"Aye Captain," She ignited the engines and lifted the Jumpship away from the Passages. After entering the proper frequency code she made the jump through the transit gate.


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