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 Post subject: Siouxland Shakedown
PostPosted: July 27th, 2017, 11:49 am 
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- OOC- This is a closed sim. I'm putting my own characters through the blender for the hell of it. This will officially be my LAST vampire story.

Alpha Signal case file 80505

The windshield wipers chased each other back and forth across the glass. Amanda Matchall sat in the back seat of the rented sedan staring out the window at the rain. Seeing her family again was an emotional event she had not been prepared for. Trying to get them to understand what she was doing with her life was much easier. A smile crossed her lips as she recalled her brother’s reaction when she lit the fire. Jacob had always made fun of her abilities, not seeing what good she could do with them. She enjoyed the fact that he now knew differently. It was a relieving moment for her when a pair had interrupted the family reunion with orders to retrieve Mandy for The Consortium.

“Is this the same storm from two days ago?” The driver asked.

“It can’t be…” His companion said. “Hurricanes aside, it should have dissipated by now.”

Mandy was too much in to her own thoughts and reflections to pay them any mind. Closing her eyes, she slumped down and set her head back to the seat. She let her mind drift back to better days, a time before the Consortium, when things were more secure for her. Her thoughts focused on friendships, lost and severed. She found herself wanting what she had lost, wanting to return to those days before the fighting.

A flash of lightning pulled her from her thoughts. Startled, she caught her breath, sat up and pulled out her cell phone. She instinctively felt that something was wrong with Matt and wanted to know. She flipped open her phone and pulled up his number. She actually hesitated, deciding whether to call him or not. The moment she said yes, she pressed the call button.

There would be a ringing in the dark. Emerging from a location unseen, Groggily Matt would reach out from under the covers to his nightstand, feeling around until the phone was found. Flipping it open, the auto-answer feature kicking in, the room would turn blue from the backlit screen. "Hmm...Hello?"

Mandy held her breath, clenching her free hand into a fist. Her nerves were suddenly so tight, she felt like a strung bow. “Hey Matt…. It’s Mandy.” Her voice sounded faint and distant even to herself.

There was silence at the other end for a moment before the sound of him rolling over in the bed could be heard. "Hey....what's up?" He didn't mind being woken up in the late hour by her.

She closed her eyes and sighed. “We’re inbound and should be at East Coast in about thirty minutes… Matt, I need to see you.” She was hesitant. Her mind betraying her emotions with recalling flashes of all the couples she had known and seen. “I… I need you.”

He'd lay there for a moment, thinking about what to say. "Ok....We'll talk when you get here then?" was really all he could say. That's all they really needed to do was talk. They both knew a good talk would decide how things ended up.

“Right, see you in about thirty then.” She closed the phone and slipped it back into her pocket.

The brief moment of reality settled her mind and brought her back to her senses. Everything felt so uncertain for her. When she told Matt she needed him, to her, she was meaning his friendship if nothing else. She was still new to knowing Torque and the others, uncertainty stood by with history and whether or not there would be a future friendship. She was definitely guarded as to this notion where her feelings were concerned. Having seen her family for the first time since leaving home made her rethink the aspects.

As they road up to the Consortium East Coast House, they found it locked down and being pelted by the storm. The driver used his security pass to alert the system that they were there. Only a few minutes passed when the heavy gate slid upwards and two security officers greeted them.

“What’s going on here?” He leaned out the window with a nod towards the guards.

“Sorry Sir, we have a foot hold situation,” The sergeant said. “No access permitted at the moment.”

“How serious is the situation?” The driver asked.

“Unknown Sir,” He replied.

“Look, I have an agents pulled in for field training; I was told to bring her in.” The driver said.

Mandy noted the guard’s hesitation. She wanted to check in with Torque and yet she felt this growing essence that something was seriously wrong. Reaching for the handle, she popped the door open. She froze when second agent looked over his shoulder.

“Don’t make any sudden moves.” He whispered.

She nodded and settled back trying to be patient; fatigue was setting in along side the persistent sensation that something was wrong. Pushing the current moment to the back of her mind, she delved into her mind trying to find that essence. There was something there that told her that what was wrong was important, not just to her but others as well. She felt the compulsion to investigate, to explore and learn.

The external alarms and yellow flashing lights interrupted her thoughts. She flinched when the security door slammed down, and gasped from the darkness that was broken only by the yellow lights announcing intruders. In the confusion, she was barely aware as the guards let them pass for the parking garage. She walked mindlessly behind the other two in heading up to the main levels. Her mind stayed focused on getting with Toque while making her way to the agent’s residential building. She hesitated at Matt’s door. Part of her wanted to knock, another wanted to leave him be. She raised her hand to know and hesitated yet again.

Choosing to adhere to her instincts, she pulled her hand back and stepped away from the door. She had the understanding that it wasn’t time yet, things needed to unfold before other venues could be resolved. Pivoting on her left heel, Mandy moved down the corridor to her own room.

Amanda Lynn Matchall
aka Mandy
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 Post subject: Re: Siouxland Shakedown
PostPosted: July 27th, 2017, 3:20 pm 
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Torque set a plate of breakfast sandwiches on the table and took a sip from her coffee as she sat down. She looked across the books, scrolls, and notes to her brother who was absorbed in the information. Crossing her legs, she let her foot snap out and kick him in the shin. As he looked up, grimaced and returned to his work.

“Vortex we’ve been at this for hours, all we’ve learned are the formulas for her spells.” She said.

“If you’re bored, then why don’t you find your partner and go workout?” He asked.

She threw some muffin crumbs at him. “You are absolutely frustrating, you know that?”

He looked down at the crumbs and then up to her, removing his glasses. “Tami, you and your partner have contained what is essentially the find of the century proving the existence of vampires….” He set his pen down and held his hands out. “We know about the existence and continued growth in numbers of psionics, we’ve uncovered the truth of werewolves and werecats, or in scientific and tribal terms the garou and bastet.” He paused, picking up his glass of water and taking a sip. “Little children have been imagining and dreaming of these creatures, or nightmares rather, and for centuries multiple cultures have told stories, handed down from generation to generation about shape shifting men taking the forms of dogs, wolves, cats, and in some places even rats.”

Torque leaned back listening to him, bored out of her mind though not letting on to it. “Are you going to start talking about fairy tales; because if you get on to that dragon kick again, I’m walking?”

He chuckled and returned to his work. “I wasn’t thinking anything of the sort, little sister, nothing of the sort.” Pausing, he glanced to her and then the ceiling. “Although,” He tapped his pen to his lower lip and then pointed it to her. “You have to admit, with certain things coming to light, such as vampires, the notion of dragons existing may not be too far fetched.”

She waded up her napkin and pitched it at him. “You rat, I knew you couldn’t resist.”

They laughed together, enjoying the twin connection for once among their rare moments together. The moment was interrupted by Joe Pierce as he joined them.

“Torque, we need to talk.” He said. His voice was somber and he looked upset. He was hesitant, taking a few slow breaths before continuing. “I have an Alpha signal for you; I need your team to meet with me in my office immediately.”

Torque’s eyes shot up to his, her training practically snapped her into Alpha mode and she stood with a nod. Without a word or looking back, she rushed out heading for her room to change clothes

Moments later, dressed in her black fatigues she made her way to Joe’s office where she found him standing by his desk with files in hand.


Let's get one thing straight... No whiners allowed.

 Post subject: Re: Siouxland Shakedown
PostPosted: July 27th, 2017, 5:27 pm 
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Osprey and Solaire were completing another round of searching, making sure that all the students had been rounded up and in to the student cafeteria. They were trying to keep the younger students occupied and entertained when both of their implants started flashing the Alpha signal.

Without a word of explanation, Osprey took the child from her lap and set her aside. She joined her friend as they got up from the floor and casually made their way from the cafeteria. Once they were in sub-levels, they bolted for the administration house where they met up with Joe and Torque in his office. There was a moment of silence as they two found a seat.

Joe handed them identical files as the one Torque was reading. Having distributed the files, he leaned against his desk. “Nova will be meeting you at Mid-House then you’ll proceed from there.”

Solaire looked up with curiosity. “Is Double Fire joining us?” She asked. “Another pyrokinetic on the team would boost the odds in our favor.”

Joe nodded and looked to Torque. “She’s your partner so I’ll leave that choice up to you… If you think she’s ready for this type of field work then by all means take her … Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another meeting to attend.” Joe dismissed them with one final statement. “Kick them back to hell girls.”

The three of them looked like a force not to be challenged, in their black fatigues, as they made their way through the rain to the main building and the lower level parking garage. They loaded some gear bags into a smoky black colored Hummer. Not one word was spoken as they kept their minds on the case in their files and where they were headed.

Torque opted to drive, as she pulled out of the gates, she suddenly slammed on the breaks and stared out at the rain. “He didn’t mention anything about Shalimar!” She looked to her teammates who were baffled from not knowing.

“He must’ve had his reasons.” Osprey said.

Torque nodded in agreement, it wasn’t often that Joe discussed his daughter and only a select few knew of the relationship between him and Shalimar. The two maintained a solid professional relationship for all to see and there were no mentions of their connection on either record. Resolving to agree with Osprey, she moved her foot off the break and back on to the gas pedal.

“Hey, did either of you happen to notice where we’re going?” Solaire spoke up. “Suck City, frikkin Iowa…. I didn’t think anything was there anymore.”

The three of them shared a laugh as they rode through the storm towards the airport. They could see the rages of the unnatural storm. Trees fell to lightning that engulfed them. Power lines behaved like vipers against the crews that tried containing them. Roads were blocked off that led to washed-out bridges. The drive to the airport was not proving to be an easy one.

At one point, Torque was forced to stop as emergency crews pulled back a down line dancing across the main road. In that moment, they heard loud thunderous roars from the sky. Thinking that was unnatural sounding thunder, everyone, even the crewmen stopped to look up. Torque’s mouth gaped open as they witnessed what seemed to be two very large dragons twisting and entwining themselves among the clouds. She shook her head, dismissing the sight and got back into the Hummer. She worked on pushing the image out of her mind as she sped towards the airport. Her brother’s words worked at the back of her mind and she simply dismissed it as a hallucination. They were on their way to an Alpha level mission and nothing could be allowed to deter their directive.


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 Post subject: Re: Siouxland Shakedown
PostPosted: July 27th, 2017, 9:53 pm 
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The plane touched down at the Sioux Gateway Airport, the large DC10 over shadowed the smaller passenger planes it came to rest beside. In the cockpit, Trinity and her husband removed their headsets and left their seats. She moved to the main chamber, her long legs striding across the floor as if she were skating on ice. Reaching the hatchway, she waited until hearing the thump from the mobile stairs, before opening it.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want a career change to a flight stewardess?”

Her husband came up behind her, slipping hand against her waist. She let him steel a kiss after he grazed his lips against her neck.

“Very funny… I don’t think the Consortium can spare me or any agent during these times.”

He hefted a carry on bag to his shoulder as they walked across the tarmac to the terminal. The area was quiet and sparsely populated considering the early morning hour. Stores and eateries were beginning to open, day shift personnel were taking their posts, and delivery man was dropping off a stack of the Sioux City Journal at the news stand.

The headline article caught her attention and Trinity stopped, picking up the top copy of the local paper. “Eric, take a look at this.”

She turned just right as he looked over her shoulder. The headline article was accompanied by the photos of six teenagers that stretched across the front page in crisp color images. The headline practically jumped off the page to get their attention:

“Suicide Pact: Deaths Declared Bizarre and Unnatural"

“Welcome to midtown America,” Eric quipped. From his hip pocket he produced a dollar for the paper, handing it to the attendant. “Keep the change.”

Trinity was already stepping away, her attention on reading the article. When she felt her husband’s hand on her shoulder, she turned and looked up to him. He smiled softly and brushed the back of his hand to her cheek, catching her tear.

“That’s one thing I love about you, hard assed on the outside, loving and heartfelt on the inside.” He placed his arm around her shoulders and kissed her forehead. “Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving.”

They made their way over to a car rental center and then left the airport in a simple sedan. All the while, Trinity read the article and relayed key information to Eric. Even with him driving she had to finish reading the article, she missed bypassing the Missouri River, seeing the approach of the small city, and even him pulling in to the Perkins parking lot.

She mindlessly popped her door and got out, stepping around the front of the car pausing and leaning on the front end. There was a tone of shock in her voice as she read the final line of the column. “According to police Chief John Frisbee, this incident has prompted him to call on Federal assistance, and this reporter has learned that a special task force has been called in to investigate.”

“How the hell did he learn anything?”

“I don’t know,” She shook her head. “But in a small city like this, some one asking questions might raise more questions.”

“In that case, let’s put this aside for now and enjoy our breakfast.” He took the paper from her, made a quick return to the driver’s door and dropped the paper on the seat. He grabbed the briefcase from the back seat and rejoined her, and then they entered the Perkins together.

Field Agent: Trinity Demarz
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