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Author:  Sarken [ October 12th, 2012, 4:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Account Types

There are two types of accounts on our forums- characters and members.

Character accounts are for use with specific venues.
Member accounts are for general ‘out of character’ use of the boards.

We recommend that if you anticipate having more than one character- you also have a member account. This is especially necessary if you choose to volunteer for a position on ‘staff’.

Having these separate distinctions coincides with the user groups specific to each venue. The main purpose is to avoid confusion. It prevents posts from being accidentally added to the wrong story, and protects the areas unrelated postings. We wouldn't want to see a member post for a character that’s in Psionics- only to have it added to a story thread in Eternals Realm.

Another benefit to having the accounts separate is socializing. It’s much easier to keep things straight and get to know each other when your fellow members can identify you by a specific account / username.

It also allows for anonymity- if you do not want people to know which characters are yours- having these accounts helps. The only ones who will know are the admins. There’s no need to ask us to keep quiet, it’s a given.

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