Rank Changes - only effects character accounts

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Rank Changes - only effects character accounts

Post by Sarken » June 13th, 2017, 4:13 pm

Just letting everyone know that I've tweaked the Rankings. Now, instead of just ' PC / NPC " the ranks identify which venue a character is a part of.

The new rule - this is in regards to the ranks of Retired and Hiatus.

With the new ranks come new rules-

Retired - players may not use a character with the rank of 'retired' as an NPC unless it was your character. You may, however, make reference to a retired character if yours knew them.

It's only natural and realistic for friends of a departed ( dead, moved away, etc) to make mention saying things like -

"I miss that goof, he made me laugh."

How a character becomes retired-

1 - the member quits but is able to return when they're interested.
2 - the writer decided it was time for the character to leave- by death or relocation.
3 - a player makes the request to retire their character for a period of time that's longer than one year.

Rank - Hiatus-

the rule - No character with the rank of Hiatus shall be used as an NPC.

This is a safety measure - if you decide you don't want to portray a character for a time - less than a year - to prevent it from being used as an NPC when you've chosen not to use it yourself.

Yes, we've had players in the past try to force someone into choosing a specific character by writing a scenario that potentially forced the person's hand. This is RUDE- especially if the person has already stated "I'm taking a break from this character" or "I'm not using this character in this story." "I"m using these specific characters' in this story.

You don't have to use it just to get that character out- but the option is there- especially if you want a lengthy break from that character. Let's face it- a complex character can take a lot out of a writer.

If after repeated times of telling someone "I'm not using "Character" in this story, goes ignore and another writer continues to try pushing you to use a specific character - then yes, you may request to have your character placed on Hiatus. As a general measure, after the initial statement and 2 reminders- then place the request if you feel your wish is being ignored.

Also eligible is if you've just finished a story or series of them and want to shift your focus to another character as a primary- it's a good idea to request the hiatus. We don't need you to justify a hiatus request- just send a message from primary account - something like

title- hiatus request

message - please put 'character name / account' on hiatus rank for the time being. I'll contact you again when I'm ready to return to this character. Thnx.

This is an example- it's as simple as this. :)

Happy writing all,

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