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A message from Ima
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Author:  Ima Gossip [ March 25th, 2009, 6:23 am ]
Post subject:  A message from Ima

Hello everyone - Ima Gossip here,

I just wanted to drop in, introduce myself, and say hello.
As I said, my name is Ima Gossip. I was born a gossip, raised a gossip, and will always be a gossip. I do not plan on changing my name for anyone.

Now, we all love a good story, and don’t fib a finger… You know you love a good juicy bit as much as I do. Well, I was asked to be here by Archivist and Kitazfrenzy to have a show type thread where I…. And this is the coolest part. I, Ima Gossip get to interview all of everyone’s favorite, or not so favorite characters. That’s right people; the rumors are so completely and unbelievably true. I feel so honored to have been asked here for this role. Why it’s positively perfect for me.

Now I have a list of a few whom I’ll be interviewing first, unless of course they’re way to busy being tied up in a major storyline. I mean can you imagine having to pass up spending time with me, Ima Gossip, for any other reason? Ha, I think not!

Any who watch this section, my section, An Evening with Ima Gossip, that’s me, for upcoming interviews with your favorites and mine… If you want on this list, and you know you do and who wouldn’t? Please, send my managers a message and she’ll put you on the list. That’s Archivist and or Kitazfrenzy; thanks gals- love you- kisses and hugs.

Remember, that’s “An Evening with Ima Gossip” and that’s me.

This has been a message from yours truly- Ima Gossip- and I’m positively perfect.


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