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Author:  Sarken [ March 26th, 2009, 12:50 am ]
Post subject:  Character Template

the time period of the stories is set in 1617 France- it is towards the emergence of Psionics.

Basic information:

Earned Name: (much like a code name- this is a nick that your character has earned through deed, action, or fumble- it should also be your username)

Physical Description please keep it to these items:

Date of birth
Birthplace- please; keep this to somewhere in Europe
Title: if any

IF you choose to have a 'Gifted Character', we are limiting these characters to only 2 abilities. Please respect the decision on this, we do review profiles.

Defense Ability

Offense Ability

Normal human characters are an option and encouraged for the sake of a good balance. There is a broad range of character types available including Musketeers.

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