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Venue specs

Post by Sarken » March 26th, 2009, 1:44 am

Just some in game specifics people should know OOC....

Remember- just because the player knows the information does not mean their character knows it.

the truck driver I figure would be the owner of the air field- most likely an uncle or god-father to one of the ladies. Pop's is a popular guy- especially with the ladies- he likes to flirt, be friendly, and knows more and is far more observant that people give him credit for. He is a graduate of MIT but know one would ever guess.

"The Lab / Hangar"

It is some warehouse / lab / hangar type multi-purpose structure some where in the Nevada desert- about 1 hour north of Las Vegas. one that would specialize in planes like cessnas and other small craft- I figure that would be pretty non-descript / certainly not a place that would come under suspicion of any kind.

"The Conglomerate"

a corporation consisting of a number of subsidiary companies or divisions in a variety of unrelated industries, usually as a result of merger or acquisition. In this reality- we have a collection of private / special interests companies who have designated men and women to protect their 'special interests' and projects from the government and public knowledge. A sort of 'undisclosed board of members" A bunch of rich powerful people who 'unoffocially' conduct business practices and projects behind the governments back. Among which is the private sector's answer to sector 7. A still yet to be named faction of "The Conglomerate". There is speculation but no known evidence connecting this group to the ISR- The International Socialist Regime.
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