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Richard Adams

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Name: Richard Adams
Title: Dragon Ride

Race: Human
Location: Arabia

Age: 32

Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 315 (increased body density, appears to be of normal build)
Hair: Black
Eye: White
Skin color: Caucasian

Dragon Mount:

Name: Almas
Gender: Female
Scale type: Diamond
Bonded time: 20 years
Breath weapons: Crystal shards, Concussive blast
Lores: Arabic

Default- Limited Telepathy / Empathy- they can only use it with their dragon mount
(the dragons can speak- telepathically to anyone- even a group- though they prefer only doing so with other dragons and their riders- of course- they will speak only to their own riders- not that of another dragon). This default ability also include an empathic connection between the dragon and the rider- where they are capable of sensing what each other is feeling. This is a trait take awakens as the bond between each pair.

Default-2- Animal Kin- dragon- all riders have learned to understand the dragons and can deal with them on a telepathic level- (only with dragons though) - they can communicate, empathize, and even deduce the dragon's state of being- the longer they have been "partnered" the closer the "relationship"

Character’s Psionic Abilities-

Nuclear Generation - generate and project nuclear energy blasts. These blasts are comparable to the power of a pyrokinetic flame, only in the energy type is different

Resistance – Reactor’s body does not use the same processes as normal people and as such, he is harder to damage, taking about 10% of the damage a regular human would. He is vulnerable to magic. He can also sustain damage from excessive heat.

Partial Self-Sustenance – Reactor is able to survive with less air, water and food than the average person. His minimum requirements for survival are one tenth that of a normal person. This allows him some protection from poison gas if he can hold his breath long enough to get out of it.


Richard Adams was born to an average family in the Realm. At around 12 his powers started to manifest themselves. He started to generate strange energies unlike anything seen before in the Realm. These energies, which were nuclear in nature caused massive burns on his face and body as it was adapting to it’s new found power. Before he was able to control his power, his parents were subjected enough radiation to kill them. An orphan and an outcast, Richard caught the attention of Lord Curran, known by all to be a friend to the Gifted.
Richard was brought to the Dragon Rider keep where he could be kept safe. He almost immediately bonded with Almas, a diamond dragon immune to the effects of the radiation. She was outcast herself amongst dragons because her crystal shard breath weapon was so feared. It lead to painful damage to their wings which could destroy their ability to fly.

Though he was too young to become an true rider, the bonding was real (something very rare for one so young) and at 16 he officially joined their ranks. Together, they found acceptance that neither of them could find separately. The flight leader of the keep had been one of the Riders to explore the gateway to Earth when it first appeared. It was he who recognized the type of energy Richard was generating and gave him the name “Reactor.”
Title: Dragon Rider
Mount: Almas
Location: Arabia

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