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Myke Veneficci

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Real Name: Myke Veneficci

Known As: Mage

Age: 18
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 190
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown
Birthplace: Staten Island, NY

Personality: Good natured, uses humor both because he enjoys making others laugh and as a way of coping and trying to cheer others up. Unfortunately he doesn't always know when to turn it off. He's slow to anger but when he gets to that point, watch out.

Reality Manipulation (limited)
Space Manipulation (limited)
Reality Perception (limited)

in a field that extends about an inch away from and includes his body; Mage has the ability to change any one physical law. He can choose to reverse gravity, make air opaque, bend space, etc. He can also cause the portion of the field that extends away from his body to be reshaped ( though it is always connected) so it can form a ball about a foot in diameter (or other potential shapes) though the further away it gets the smaller the volume he can effect gets. He can choose to change a different law in several different areas of his field or choose to change in only part (so the change doesn’t effect him) but he's limited to one change in each area. Whether or not the ‘one rule’ and limited area aspects of his power are due to his inexperience has yet to be seen. He also has the ability to see the true form of an object and get a general sense of it’s make up. He can also tell that an illusion or hologram is not what it seems, though he can’t necessarily see what the illusion is hiding.


Myke was brought up by a man he knew as his grandfather, in an apartment above an antique clock shop where they both worked. His parents were killed when he was about three for being ‘different’ (which was all his grandfather would ever say).

He watched his mother get shot, but only knew his father disappeared and soon after that, his grandfather appeared. He was taught to always be tolerant of others who were different including psionics. This attitude was not the normal attitude about psionics, so when he first discovered his powers it was not as traumatic as it was for most.

He was climbing around the roof of his home late one night and slipped and fell only to discover he wasn’t falling at all. It was then Myke put all the pieces together. His parents must have been psionics and that was why they were killed. He decided to hide his power from his grandfather, not out of fear that he would reject him but because he was worried that it would upset him.

He learned about his abilities slowly, but it was difficult for him to get any real hard training in, but he was able to control it well enough to hide them. One night, the news showed the outside of their apartment and announced they were coming for his father. His father revealed his true identity to him and tricked him into taking a trip into the past. Once there, he spent time at the Consortium only to catch the eye of Artemis who sensed he was out of place and time and brought him to the realm of the Eternals.
Guardian of Time

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