Brianna Skye Astrid

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Brianna Skye Astrid

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Name: Brianna Skye Astrid
Title: Dragon Rider

Race: Human

Location: The Citadel

Gender: Female
Age: 31
Height: 5ft 7 inches
Weight: 132 pounds
Hair: True Blonde
Eye: Sapphire blue
Skin: Caucasian

Dragon Mount:

Name- Arion
Gender: Male
Scale type- Sapphire
Bonded time- 3 years
Breath weapons – Arctic and Storm Conjure
Lore: Greek / Roman


Characters Gifted Abilities-

Limited Telepathy-

Dragon Riders are known by their skills with their bonded mounts. They are specifically chosen by a limited telepathic connection to a specific dragon. This is how the dragon finds his or her intended psionic mount.

They can only use this with their dragon mount (the dragons can speak- telepathically to anyone- even a group- though they prefer only doing so with other dragons and their riders- of course- they will speak only to their own riders- not that of another dragon)

Animal Kin- dragon- all riders have learned to understand the dragons and can deal with them on a telepathic level- (only with dragons though) - they can communicate, empathize, and even deduce the dragon's state of being- the longer they have been "partnered" the closer the "relationship"


Brianna can control the four elements of the Universe; Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. She is capable of conjuring and ending any event or action that entails these four aspects of nature. This includes the ability of combining variations to her needs- such as Wind and Water to create storms. This ability’s strength is increased 10 fold when combined with the Storm Conjure breath weapon from Mustafa- her dragon mount.

Unique Weapon Staff-

Brianna a single psionic weapon that she is able to conjure. Pooling all of her psionic energies, she forms a solid staff of about six feet long which she holds mastery level combat skills with.

Metabolic Resistance-

Brianna has an innate resistance to Drugs, Toxins, Disease, and other harmful factors involving her metabolism.

Back Ground-

Typical attire- traditional dragon-rider clothing: leather two piece
Powerful Allies and Wise Teachers

It's time to heal old wounds, misunderstandings, and fear.
For the Dragons are coming once again to teach the children of Terra.
Open your heart to the wisdom and love of the Dragons.

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