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Kennice Davenport

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Height: 5 feet 2
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Jet Black
Eye: pale blue
Skin color: tanned

Dragon Mount:
Name- Hayden
Gender- Male
Scale type- Black Onyx
Bonded time- 6 years
Breath weapons (max 2)- Electric bolts and solar blast

Dragon Lore: British

Characters Psionic Abilities-

Default- Limited Telepathy / Empathy- they can only use it with their dragon mount
(the dragons can speak- telepathically to anyone- even a group- though they prefer only doing so with other dragons and their riders- of course- they will speak only to their own riders- not that of another dragon). This default ability also includes an empathic connection between the dragon and the rider- where they are capable of sensing what each other is feeling. This is a trait take awakens as the bond between each pair.

Default 2- Animal Kin- dragon- all riders have learned to understand the dragons and can deal with them on a telepathic level- (only with dragons though) - they can communicate, empathize, and even deduce the dragon's state of being- the longer they have been "partnered" the closer the "relationship"

Force field – Able to create a protective bubble that extends out 25 feet.

Dark Force Manipulation – Shadow-casting, gateways, and energy solidification. Kennice comes from a long line of druids and thus can tap into the unseen “darkverse”

True sight - Penetrate any disguise

Back Ground:

Kennice is the only child of druid head priest Anthony Davenport and his wife Elizabeth Davenport. From a very young age Kennice was taught the lore of the druids and raised in the ancient, revered ways of old. Kennice didn’t become a dragon rider until Hayden came looking for a partner and chose the diminutive yet feisty Kennice. She was 24. Her parents were thrilled, for her partner was a black onyx dragon, one of the rarest of the jeweled ones.

Hayden is rather calm for a dragon and steady which balances out Kennice feisty and sometimes impetuous nature.

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