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J, Master Thief

Earned Name: J

Alias: Jeremiah, Josiah, Joniah, others

Height 5ft 6in
Weight 140 ish
Hair brown
Eyes silver
Race - Caucasian
Birthplace: unknown
Title: Thief

Physical Description: J is lanky, tending to wear clothes that conceal J's gender. J wears a ragged gray hat, gray-black cloak, black shirt, pants, and gloves. One notable feature is those silver eyes.

Ability: Life Absorption--The ability to drain the life force out of one or more individuals, and use the energy to restore health. If the victim loses too much life force energy, the victim dies, and his/her body disintegrates.

Ability: Teleportation--J rarely uses this ability and then only as a last resort. He is able to move 20 feet each time he "jumps" or teleports from one spot to another.


J is a mystery that refuses to be solved. Little is known about the enigmatic figure and all questions are discouraged by the pure-blooded, black as a new moon night, colored Shire stallion, named Diablo that J rides. J might not look intimidating but Diablo does.

J is skilled with knives and the smaller blades of all types, although J disdains the use of swords and larger killing weapons and has absolutely no use at all for guns. J has been known to occasionally shoot a bow but that skill is not used much. J rarely speaks and only then is it in a gruff low-pitched tone. J does have a history of thieving but believes there's nothing wrong with relieving the rich of some of their earnings.

After being poisoned by a paralyzing agent from an enemy's arrow, J was healed by Lord Curran Bontecou who revealed to the young thief who he truly was.

The cure was powerful and J was able to recover from the poison in his system. He gained a tattoo of freckles in the shape of the constellation Draco just above his left shoulder blade. As of yet, he doesn't know what the tattoo does nor does he care. His main fun in life at the moment is tormenting Lord Hubert by stealing the rich Lord's money and giving it away to those in need.

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