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NPC Thread

Post by NPCs » April 9th, 2009, 12:50 pm

Name: Delaney
Title: Lord

Age: 33

Birthplace: Winchester, England

Physical Description: Six feet, 185 lbs, green eyes. Muscular with a dangerous air to him.


Delaney Havenport came to his title at a young age. He served in her Majesty’s royal guard and proved his valor by saving his battalion from an ambush. He was awarded the title of Lord shortly thereafter. After some scandal (details are sketchy as to what exactly happened) Delaney fled to France where he offered to give Prince Andrew secrets from his native country in exchange for amnesty and a title in Versailles. Prince Andrew agreed and Delaney came to call France home.

He is a cruel man and loves to see others suffer. He has been known to be amorous and using dark practices when it comes to his love life. He deals treacherously with others and does everything he can to gain what he wants when he wants.

Rumors currently abound that he is the leader for a religious-like sect known as the "Truth-Seekers" who hunt gifted ones. No evidence has currently been found however to link him to the group and their death-dealing ways.

Delaney also has had encounters with the elusive thief named J and hopes to one day rid himself of the pest.
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