Lord Curran Bontecou

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Lord Curran Bontecou

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Name: Lord Curran Bontecou
Title: Land Baron

Age: 70
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140
Hair: Balding- Dark Silver, gray
Eye: pale blue
Skin color: Caucasian
Birthplace: De Versailles, France

A man who selfishly guards his privacy, Lord Curran is a widower with one child- a daughter named Chauni whom he hopes to marry to his charge and student: Beau Alastair of England.


Telepathy- although it is known that Curran is telepathic, it is undisclosed as to the levels of his skill and talents with this ability. There is speculation that he has obtained the levels, if not mastered dream walking and travel.

Limited Healing- Curran has been gifted with the burden of healing. This exhaustive ability entails the physical healing of injuries from minor scrapes and bruising extending to displaced bones, battle injuries and possible even amputations. There is a flaw with this ability; Curran is limited to the amount of energy he is able to spend with this. The more he uses it, the greater the risk to his own health. As in: while simple injuries show no affect on him, the more severe injuries require greater energy and may result in Curran experiencing the affects of the injury. It should be noted that he is not able to heal diseases or illnesses.

Languages: Along with English and French- he also speak several other languages fluently- most of the Latin based venue of Basque:

Euskara: Basque Language, language spoken by the Basques, the people inhabiting north central Spain and the department of Pyr’n’es- Atlantiques in southwestern France. The Basque language is one of the oldest languages still spoken today and may have originally been spoken as a pre-Ice Age cave language. The Basque name for their language is Euskara. The language has a number of dialects, of which the chief are Guip’zcoan, Biscayan, and Navarrese in Spain and Labourdin and Navarrais in France. In terms of word formation, Basque is classified as an agglutinative language.


Lord Curran Bontecou was raised among the households of the French ruling class. Though it is not common knowledge that he bares no true blood relation to the houses, he still serves the crown as Land Baron to one of the regions protected by the Regent Andrew in De Versailles France.

He found himself enmeshed in the dismal courts of royalty, he watched territories formed and families shifted around over the years. One marriage led to one change, another led to something completely different. He wanted out of it, to focus on what he saw the important issue: the rise of the gifted. In speaking with his cousin, the Regent of de Versailles, he moved his staff to a chateau in the French countryside. He became the governing royal over the lands- with the title of Land Baron which suited him just fine.

Many things can be linked to him only by suspicion, and many other things have seen their beginnings by his hands which are well known. Rumors and suspicion surround this man’s life, which is one of the reasons he protects his privacy as well as that of his family and friends. It is said that he supports the encouragement of the Gifted learning their talents.

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