Chauni Bontecou

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Chauni Bontecou

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Name: Chauni Bontecou
Title: Lady

Earned Name: Cavalier

Date of birth
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight 112
Hair Dark brown
Eyes hazel
Nationality: Caucasian
Birthplace- de Versailles, France
Title: Lady and Heir

Defense Ability: Heat shield

Offense Ability: Pyrokinetic


With her mother dying at her birth, Chauni’s impoverished father sent her to live with an eccentric aunt whose husband traveled. She grew up believing they were her parents, as they would have it no other way. While the family was well off and held a strong social prestige, Chauni was not indulged by her parents. She learned the values and virtues of life and honor. Though it was unheard of, her father taught her the fighting styles of the kings Musketeers. She knew she would never become one; still it did not stop her from learning.

For her twelfth birthday, her father had returned from the Middle East giving her a present of an Arabian filly. Sooth, as she was named, as black as night with streaks of auburn through her coat. The yearling had the spirit of fire in her and that’s what Chauni liked about her.

That was the beginning of the changes. Shortly after her birthday, the family was enjoying some time near the lake on their land; it was early spring, hints of snow were on the ground, Chauni scooped up a handful of it, only to have it melt. Over the course of the following months, she developed the ability to manipulate, control and even create fire. This was complimented by a heat shield, she learned to control for protection.

With her father being telepathic, he had anticipated the changes in her, having seen it come about in her true brothers and sister. He intensified her training with her developing skills. The older she became the more skilled and precise she was.

At 19, she began her journeys in search of others like those in her family. These are quests that she takes whole heartedly and with vigilance.
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