Beau Austin Alastair

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Beau Austin Alastair

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Name: Beau Austin Alastair
Title: Heir and Lord

Earned Name: Shadow

Born to the Armstrong house of England

Birthplace: Wales, England

Physical Description: Dark brown hair; dark-blue eyes, fair skinned, 5ft 9 in, muscular build.

Defense Ability: Invisibility

Offense Ability: Shadow phasing


Born to a life of upper-class privilege, Beau was secreted away at 13 when he showed the talents for turning invisible. His parents, the Lord and Lady Armstrong, by her father’s title, made the hastened decision hoping no one would learn of the shame in their son’s ‘condition’. The story they claimed was that they had arranged a betrothal for him, once the bride came of age.

In De Versailles France, he was delivered to the care of Curran Bontecou and his household. The moment he met the young Chauni, they hated each other. Despite knowing their parents intent, he found her far too intolerable to be around.

It was in the years that followed, being allowed to forget the betrothing while training side-by-side that his view of her changed as they changed.

Her parents did not indulge him; instead, they taught him the values and virtues of life and honor. He was impressed with how Chauni grasped the trainings and fighting styles of the kings Musketeers. He had hoped to one day become one, though, being of English descent, that was unheard of if not impossible.

For his 16th birthday, not long after Chauni had received her filly Sooth, his guardian surprised him with the gift of a stallion. The bay colored mount served him well through the years.

At 18, he swore his allegiance to Lord Bontecou, severing ties to his English heritage and agreed to bind himself to the ways of the Bontecou house. He begrudgingly agreed to the betrothal only to bid Chauni farewell when she felt the need to journey and search for others with special gifts.

As time escaped in passing, he found himself longing for her with each day and prayed for her safe return. He swore that on her return and their reunion, he would make good on his agreement with Curran and, by his Lord’s permission, he would ask Chauni for her hand.

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