Bram Molyneux

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Bram Molyneux

Post by Tornach » February 9th, 2018, 2:56 am

Bram Molyneux
Earned Name: Tornach

In his travels, he took the name Tornach - the Irish word for Thunder
Physical Description: Slender with shaggy hair, tanned fair skin

Height 6ft 2 in
Weight 150
Hair shaggy hair, dark blonde
Eyes blue-gray
Race Caucasian
Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales

Defense / Offense Ability: Weather Manipulation

Defense Ability: Protective Bubble


Bram’s life is a strange one indeed. He was born to a rich French merchant and his modest Welsh wife, but soon after he was born, his father sent his mother away to live with her family, for he was already married to another woman in Paris.

This family, which he was brought into was of some wealth, but never enough to supplement his dreams. He spent many a night, looking at the stars and wishing that he could do something with his life.

His wishes were answered a couple years later when at the age of ten; he met an older gentleman by the name of Sir Paul Britannia. It was also during this time, when he became aware of his special abilities. Sir Paul, seeing potential in the young lad, took Bram under his wings as his squire. He taught Bram the ways of being a knight.

Also during his studies, he was able to master his abilities to control the weather. It started with light rain showers, and then soon built to large thunderstorms and tornados. He was also able to control the lightning bolts by conducting them through his sword whenever he was in a duel or fight.

At the age of 20, he was finally able to leave the apprenticeship of Sir Paul and made his way to London. There, he began to work for a jewelry guild, where he was sent to survey potential mountains to be dug to find precious stones. After a few years of this, he finally accumulated enough money to begin his own journey, to find the adventures he had dreamt of as a child. This is his story.

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