Psionic Profile Template

New characters for 'Psionics' - profiles must be posted and approved before joinning the game.
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Psionic Profile Template

Post by Sarken » March 26th, 2009, 1:03 am

Name: character’s given name
Codename / Street Name: If applicable
Age: 00

- for the following 3 details see the posted charts here- Character Construct
IQ: 00
Height: 00 ft 00
Weight: 000 lbs
Skin color:
Birthplace: city state / province.
Alignment- the good guys- Garston Institute, Consortium of Scientific Research, the bad guys- The international Socialist Regime. Independent are free-lancers, have no alliances or you want to see how things play out for your character.

name of person chosen to represent the character


Offensive Ability: An ability that serves only for protection like kinetic shielding

Defensive Ability: your primary ability, what you use to both fight and survive with.

Muted Ability: this is neither an attack or defense ability. However, it is one that still serves a useful purpose- such as dream walking- a character with this ability can enter some one's mind and 'watch' the dreams but has no effect on their target.

Creation Tips:

each character is allowed up to 3 abilities- (non-deity level)

1 defensive

1 offensive

1 muted- an ability that is non-combative like Dream Walking or water breathing.

New players are limited to 1 character at the start.

We ask players not to use god level or cosmic abilities until they are comfortable with their character and our stories.

Please make sure that what abilities you do choose compliment each other; telepathy, dream walking, and Psychokinesis complement each other, where as a hydrokinesis with electrokinesis- er... not so much.

Background- your character's history. These average between 1 to 3 pages of a background story which typically explain where the character comes from, how they became the person they are, and what's brought them to the point of arrival in the over all story. the appearance of the characters psionic abilities. A player may also include the history of how their character arrived into the story- unless they choose to portray this during actual story postings.

This is also where you'd tell us how your character's abilities emerged, grew, and how they dealt with them.

Please post as a new topic with the characters 'given / real' name as the title.
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