Matt McMicheal

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Matt McMicheal

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== Name: Matt McMicheal
== Codename: Hollow
== Position: Gun for Hire

== DOB: N/A
== Gender: M
== Race: Caucasian

== Offensive Ability:

Ability to contort the spatial realm and diffuse or "phase" in and out of visible space. Depending on size, and how much he can concentrate on keeping control, can phase groups of people, and vehicles from visibility.

*NOTE* It should be regarded that these fields do not disrupt light on any spectrum. As such no camera/sensor that detects any light frequency is useless in detecting subject during use of powers.

Has tended to use verbal remarks, such as witty banter, to distract opponents during hand to hand combat.

== Defensive Ability:

Strong skills in various forms of hand to hand combat, use of firearms, lock picking, improvised weapons manufacturing, and bushcraft/survivalcraft.

== Muted Ability:


*NOTE* Speculative: A possible telepathic link to Agent Double Fire, believed to have been instigated from a long history between the two. While witnessed events to such link would prove it to be weak at best, investigations into such speculations have held inconclusive evidence of it even existing.

== Bio:

Matt McMicheal grew up a runaway from Texas. He left his family shortly after the development of his powers, due to his parents wanting nothing to do with what they regarded as a freak. He survived by a combination of intelligence, using his powers to steal what he needed, and what could only be described as dumb luck. -Classified information. Clearance level Alpha 1 or higher required to view.-
Classified information. Clearance level Alpha 1 or higher required to view.-. During mission debrief, McMicheal was invited to stay with the Consortium until his assistance was no longer deemed needed. -Classified information. Clearance level Alpha 1 or higher required to view.-

==Current Status:


==Current Whereabouts:


==Security Assessment:

Matt McMicheal is considered a potential security risk. Agents are advised to use caution when dealing with subject. Council has deemed that while McMicheal has helped with the past, there are too many factors deeming him reckless, untrustworthy, and potentially dangerous.

--File To Be Updated When More Information Presents Itself—
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