Charlie Stone

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Charlie Stone

Post by Granite » April 9th, 2009, 7:46 pm

Name: Charlie Stone
Codename: Granite

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 280 lb (normal build)
Hair: None
Eye: Brown
Skin color: Gray
Birthplace: Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Psionic Ability Analysis

Armor Skin (Defensive): Granite’s natural skin consists of a layer of rock. This offers him a level of protection from physical and energy attacks.

Telekinesis-Special (Offensive): Granite can control and move rocks, sand, crystals and other things where things from the Earth are their source (bricks, concrete, ceramic tile). He also has a limited ability to move metal and glass, since they were original from the Earth, though the changes done to them have made his ability to influence them less. He has no power over anything else.

Phasing-Special (Muted): Granite can also phase and pass through the same types of materials he can move. Being in the phased state and passing through something made of metal can be painful or impossible for him to do and if he is in the phased state and is hit by a metal object, he would suffer the pain as though his armor skin was not there, though he wouldn’t suffer any physical damage (i.e. getting shot by a bullet would hurt as much as it would for a normal person getting shot). However, because of his affinity for things of the Earth, when phased in rock, he does not need to breath and can stay inside indefinitely (or at least until he needed to eat)
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