Amanda Matchall

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Amanda Matchall

Post by Double Fire » March 25th, 2009, 5:24 am

Name: Amanda Lynn Matchall
Code Name: Double Fire

Position: Field Agent / Academia

AKA: Splitz, Mandy

Height: 5ft1in
Weight: 103
Hair: light brown
Eye: hazel
Skin color: tanned
Birthplace: Tampa, Fl.

Psionic Analysis

Subject exhibits the ability to extend a psionic double of herself. This entity has the ability of excessive speed and agility. There is a trace element of telepathy restricted to the range associated only with the subjects double. Mandy, as she is known, can control this double through the telepathic connection, enhancing her fighting level to twice the strength and attack.

Second ability emerging in her later teens, during a training session in the danger room, it was observed that Mandy had developed the ability of what can only be describe as a heat shield, deflecting fire and other heat oriented elements.

Third Ability - subject has evolved pyrokinetic abilities yet to be tested

---- END File
Amanda Lynn Matchall
aka Mandy
security class: PSI- 4

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