Brenda Hoss

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Brenda Hoss

Post by Solaire » April 4th, 2009, 3:13 pm

Name: Brenda Hoss
Code Name: Solaire
Position: Field Agent / Instructor

Age: 25
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 140
Hair: Brunette
Eye: hazel
Skin color: Caucasian
Birthplace: The Consortium- house location classified

Typical attire: White shirt and blue jeans

Her Consortium Uniform: Grey and red spandex outfit with black boots-

Physical extremities: pair of taupe colored wings with bird feather consistency

Companion: none

Psionic Ability Analysis:

Subject exhibits three identified abilities

True Flight- in addition to having a full set of wings, Brenda has the ability to fly at great distances and heights.

Ultraviolet Vision- This was the first ability of Brenda’s that developed. At first it was thought she was going blind. The scientists ultimately discovered that her vision shifted to seeing things in the ultraviolet spectrums, this enables her to see clearly through fog and water. She wears a visor to filter her vision for normal sight and removes it when necessary.

Hyper-Breath- removed- need 3 - complimentary ability

Brenda is a pet project of Joe Pierce’s predecessor. Genetically created and manipulated, she became something the Consortium had not expected. The scientists had carefully maneuvered the experiment to create a being with solar focused abilities. Through a miscalculation and a bumbling lab technician, samples were disheveled and mixed around. The end result was a wait and see game, they had no way of discerning what sort of abilities would develop. Only the sex of the infant was as the plan.

Still, Brenda was developed and groomed along with the rest of the Consortium children. Her abilities emerged like the rest, one at a time and suddenly. When her wings developed, unfolding from her shoulder blades, it was a first and a delightful surprise for Joe’s predecessors.
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