Jamie Arcturus

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Jamie Arcturus

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Name: Jamie Arcturus
Code Name: Osprey

Age: 25
Height: 6ft
Weight: 150
Hair: Blonde
Eye: blue
Skin color: Caucasian
Birthplace: Denver Colorado

Consortium Uniform: 2-tone blue with cape and trillium gauntlets

Typical attire: T-shirts and blue jeans

Companion: Othello the Osprey

Psionic Ability Analysis:

Subject exhibits three identified abilities

Sensory Link: Jamie has a sensory link limited to birds of prey. A trained falconer from childhood, she has preferred the company of her bonded companion Othello.

True Flight- Jamie has the ability to fly at great distances and heights.

Psionic Weaponry- Jamie is able to create physical weaponry, such as clubs and swords (but not guns, etc.), through sheer force of psionic power. These Psionic Weapons will last only as long as she concentrates on them. Should the weapons be broken or damaged, she may become stunned for a period of time- determined by the amount of strength she places in the weapon.

Jamie was raised in the Front Range of Colorado- her parents were well known Falconers and doctors of zoology. She came in to her abilities as an apprentice to them in her early teenage years. The first to show came during an extremely emotional incident when she was involved with saving the lives of Osprey hatchlings. A severe storm wreaked havoc on the area and broken nest was discovered during clean up. A handful of cruel, teenage boys had killed and torn apart the male in a mated pair, and were threatening to do the same to the mother as she protected her nest.

Seeing what was happening- Jamie felt as if she could feel and see what the mother Osprey was going through. She went in to a rage, launching to tackle one of the boys, taking him into the air.

Taking in the osprey family, Jamie tended them back to health. When it came time to release them back into the wild, one of the males refused to leave. With him staying of his own free will, Jamie named him Othello and he remains her constant companion.

Over time, she began to recognize her skills and developed them to a fine tone. It wasn’t long before she found herself in a conflict, wishing she had a weapon in her hand and her mind formed daggers in her hands.

Her parents introduced her to an old friend of theirs. Joe Pierce had an offer she just couldn’t refuse: A chance to make a difference. At the age of 14, she joined the Consortium and founded her own team. Her goal was to form a selective group of Psionics with air and flight related abilities.
Jamie ' Osprey' Arcturus
Consortium Field Agent
Security: PSI-1

To soar is to know true freedom

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