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Demetra Graf

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Name: Demetra Graf
Codename: Eve
Gender: Female
IQ: 130
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue
Skin color: Caucasian
Birthplace: Dusseldorf, Germany
Alignment- The international Socialist Regime

Avatar Jessica Sipos



Demetra and her twin brother Demetrius were born to parents who worked for the ISR. She knew, from the first moments she could understand that the world she lived in was dangerous. There were people with abilities that threatened all of the civilization. These people were called Psionics.

It had nothing to do with the have's and the have not's, and everything to do with the threat they represented.

Growing up, she watched as her father collected news clippings and reports of various incidents. In her teens, he showed her how he did this and taught her to how to carry on his task. He taught them other skills- physical combat, weapons from small knives to hand guns and rifles. By the time they started school, at an ISR center, they were years ahead of their co-eds.

A family outing on their 14th birthday changed her world. They were having dinner outside a quaint bistro when a number of people raced passed them. One turned and unleashed a blast of flames at their pursuers. The flames went out of control.

Demetra's father grabbed her by her collar, forcing her and her brother to the ground. A car nearby exploded, the bistro's windows shattered, and the tables around them burned.

Every time she recalls this story, Demetra remembers her father's screams. He broke away from the family, rolling on the sidewalk as his back and arms burned. It did not good. The flames spread, engulfing him. He spent three days in the hospital surrounded by plastic. They could only stand by his bedside crying, wanting to hug him. On that third day, he held up his hand with two fingers and a third crooked. She recognized the hand sign of 'I love you' just before the heart monitor went flat.

"You must be strong for Papa," Her mother said. "He would want you to find every article you can about what happened."

It was the medicine that helped her deal with his death. It was the source of her anger and vengeance. Every article spoke of the poor, depraved, and subjugated kinetics from that day. How they were merely running to avoid capture by the ISR- and enemy of all Psionics. She found one small article on her father. It was just a few lines about how he had tried to protect his family only to die of his wounds. She showed it to her mother.

"Papa was a good man, he was a brave man." Her mother said. She sat the twins down, showing them the profile the ISR had on him.

Demetra's eyes grew wide and the list of skills and tactics he had. The biography they had on him filled her with hope. She looked to her mother, tears welling in her eyes. "I want to be like Papa."

"Me too," Demetrius chimed in.

"Then you shall be." Their mother held them in her arms, kissing their foreheads and crying from both sorrow and joy. "It was always Papa's wish for you."

And so it was…. As the ISR protected the true identities of their people, the twins named themselves Adam and Eve. Demetra swore to become the best, to know every skill her father had. Her focus was to seek vengeance against the Pyrokinetic who caused the incident that killed their father- a man she knew only as Pyroclastic.

She excelled faster than her brother, taking down every opponent in the sparring ring. Her scores made her advance a level and she graduated a year before him. Although she left her brother behind, she didn't look back.

Joining the ranks of the ISR Forces, she went into further training with the ground division. Taking the officers exam, she achieved the rank of Warrant Officer by the end of her first year. Following her officer's training, her first post placed her in Geneva - home base to a group of scientist who studied the how Psionics came to be. The project saw them both activated, altered and ultimately destroyed. It was with these subjects that she learned how to fight kinetics, how to hunt them, especially pyrokinetics.
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