Eddie Phosphor

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Eddie Phosphor

Post by Vortex » April 3rd, 2009, 10:04 am

Name: Eddie Phosphor
Code Name: Vortex
Position: Magistrate of East Coast House

Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 160
Hair: Light Brown
Eye: blue
Skin color: Caucasian
Birthplace: Boulder, Colorado

Typical attire: Blue Fatigues

Mutant Ability Analysis:

Subject exhibits three identified abilities

Gateway- Vortex has the ability to form a wormhole giving him the ability to travel to and form any given point in space, time or dimension. The level of knowledge in the environment determines the risk level to his health. As long as he possesses knowledge of the locations environment expense is nil. If he attempts to Vortex to an area with little knowledge he risks his physical health. Time warping, while possible, is not something he chooses to exercise. He only uses it in extreme emergencies.

Electrokinesis- Vortex is capable of creating and controlling existing electricity by force of will and molecular agitation. This allows him to effect things with electrical currents as well as creating varying levels of lightning.

Martial Supremacy- Tai Chi

Vortex began studying martial arts at five years old, along side his younger twin- Torque. His parents believed it would give him the mental focus he needed to concentrate and develop the necessary skills to stand against his five brothers. Like his sister, he was naturally adept in the martial arts, gaining a personal preference with Tai Chi. He used these skills to team with Torque in the aide of other kids in school. He was right there, by her side, during altercations with the class bullies, letting her take the lead and fending off the interlopers.

His abilities began appearing shortly after his twelfth birthday. Due to his already strong skills in Tai Chi and Karate the martial supremacy was practically overlooked. The Electrokinesis came next, with draining and charging simple household appliances. This grew to being able to harness natural lightning as well as create it from his physical energies.

Reserving his abilities for training with his sensei, Vortex left his parents at 15 to live at the Consortium full time, to gain an understanding of the talents he had. During this time was when the vortexes began occurring. He learned to manipulate them for traveling instantaneously from one familiar place to another.

Through the eight years that followed, Vortex found a thirst for ancient studies, earned a scholarship from the Consortium to attend the college of his choice and finally gained employment in the field of Ancient Studies, as well as a part time position with the Consortium as an Archivist.

He is currently engaged to be married to his college sweetheart, whom he is well aware holds no warmth with his sister Torque. The dislike between his twin and fiancé is his one discord in life. In turn, he is not too fond of his sister's choice in suitors, Consortium Agent Ryan Crusher- Viper.
Agent: Eddie Phosphor
Security Class: Alpha 1

There are no extraordinary men... just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with. -Adml. William Halsey

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