Joe Pierce

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Joe Pierce

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Name: Joe Pierce
Code Name: Triton

Position: Decemvirate

DOB: 12-22
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 140
Hair: Dark Silver, gray
Eye: pale blue
Skin color: Caucasian
Birthplace: San Francisco, California

Joe Pierce is a widower with one daughter- Shalimar

Typical attire: two-piece suits with solid colored ties, the suits range in colors from charcoal gray, dark blue, and black. Ties are generally neutral colors.

Military specialist- classified

Mutant Ability Analysis:

Telepathy- although it is known that Joe Pierce is telepathic, it is undisclosed as to the levels of his skill and talents with this ability. Although, there is speculation that he has obtained the levels, if not mastered dream walking and travel.

Martial Supremacy- Chi- (Kendo- or Japanese fencing). Over the years Joe has sought tutorship among the many types of sword-fighting venues. Though he is a skilled master in many, his personal preference is Kendo.

Though most Psionics hold a third ability, either Joe Pierce does not have one or it has been included with the classified text of his records.

Languages: English, German, and Russian.


Joe Pierce was brought to the attention of the consortium around age 20 and has been an icon with the Consortium.

He joined as college academia graduating with a 4 year degree in biochemistry in 3 years. He moved on to his master’s degree in genetics which was immediately followed by his Ph.D. thesis program which he completed in one year. His thesis paper was based on researching of the human body and the evolution of psionics.

At the prime age of 30, Joe became the youngest to hold the House Magistrates position among the Consortium. Charged with the management and operations of the Southern- West Coast House (San Francisco) he eventually earned the rank of Regional Magistrate. This accomplishment transferred him to the East Coast House in Upper State New York. He has held this position for almost 40 years.

He has been offered Council-status and continues to turn it down. He believes he can best serve the Consortium where he is- as the Magistrate of the East Coast House, and Regional Magistrate of the North American Headquarters.

During his down-time, Joe is known to acquaint himself with the staff and agents of the East Coast House. Among his many talents he is an accomplished guitarist, singer and dancer. During his college days with the Consortium, Joe played on the South Central House (Austin Texas) - Challengers baseball team. As lead pitcher and star batter, he held the team in top position against the houses other teams- as well as against the other houses.

Still, his personal favor hobby is, as he says “Cutting a rug with my kid.”

Joe jokes with his compatriots that he is a Republican and refuses to apologize for this.
US Decemvirate Joe Pierce
Speak softly
Be warm hearted and
Carry a big frakking stick

Security Class: Alpha-1

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