Namira Xenos

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Namira Xenos

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Name: Namira Xenos
Codename: Snow Leopard
Position: client- in treatment for amnesia

Age: 37
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 163
Hair: White
Eye: ember
Skin color: felt, white/ gray and black rosettes
Birthplace: unknown

Felinoid Attributes:

Due to genetic traits passed from her father, Namira bears some interesting physical traits which are distinctly feline. These are not powers, merely physical attributes attributed to her by her genetics:

- Fawn covering with the coloring and markings of a snow leopard
- Ember colored feline eyes with the vision and function of a cat
- Acute Agility and Balance, she always lands on her feet
- 5 foot tail with a flat end, with a thick fur coating, very much like her feline counterpart
- Hardened nails, though she has normal fingers and toes, her nails grow as fast and hard as a feline’s claws. She can use them as scratching weapons if need be though prefers to keep them neatly trimmed.

Noted by the elder caretaker this name is Namira is a female version
of the Hebrew word for leopard and Xenos is the Greek word for stranger.

The following information was received from The Institute:

Name: Dr. Sharon M. Yates
Occupation: Zoologist, Institute Position: Trainer and Guidance Counselor
Birthplace: Manchester, NY

Ability Analysis:

Subject is a psionic exhibiting telepathic, telekinetic, and psycho blast abilities.

She is able to control and manipulate the movement of objects extending from small single pound objects to a maximum of approximate weights extending one thousand pounds.

Her telepathic abilities consist of mental communication, mind walking- exhibited I events where she experienced entering a comatose patients mind, aiding in the subjects awakening. Other aspects of her telepathic abilities include mental imagery, placing thoughts and images into the minds of others; detecting the presence of others by noting their consciousness upon entering a limited range to her.

Regarding her Psychokinesis, which she seldom relies on, Sharon can control and manipulate materials by force of will causing material to entangle another person.

Psycho blast- with this power, she has the ability to send out a wave of psionic force that fires all the brain's synapses at once and short circuits the consciousness of the target. This is another ability which should be cause for concern. This ability can be used to neutralize a target in varying levels from paralyzing the mind to causing coma or even death. In extreme cases, if too much energy is given- the targets' brain might explode.

---- Background:

Sharon was the result of a rape on Sally Hansen, a psionic student of The Institute. She was born with the physical appearances of feline features including a distinct tail. Due to the secrecy of the birth, reject by Sally’s family, and the subsequent dangers involving her father known as Lord Leopard, a feline marauder. Sally chose to leave her infant daughter with the Institute where she was raised, protected from the hostile reputation of her father.

She was a naturally curious child, tending towards an investigative mind. Always asking questions, Sharon appeared eager for her abilities, anxious even to discover what they would be. Unfortunately, as is the case with students who tend to be excessively different some of the others chose to be harsh with her, including her roommate. Subsequently, she was assigned a room to herself with locks on the door, again, for her own protection. As she grew, Sharon became more acquainted with the senior residents.

When Sharon’s abilities emerged, it was learned that she had inherited her mother’s psionic talents. The first to appear was the telepathy; she inadvertently heard a conversation between two students plotting to harm another. A trainer was assigned and initiated a program to aid in her training to develop and strengthen them, to learn not to be afraid of what was happening to her.

He saw in her the potential for a good leader, something that was hindered by her fellow students constantly berating and badgering her, all because she looked different from them. This caused conflicts within her, Sharon had with herself; in a lacking of emotional strength and self esteem. The X-men teams approached him, conspiring ways to straighten her out.

Her trainer was given the responsibility to train and help her over come her faults. It worked and in the process they gained a friendship like brother and sister.

Her tenacity for learning she felt drawn towards the sciences. Ultimately, Sharon went on to become a zoologist, favoring studies of felines. She obtained position with New York’s Metro Zoo where she worked behind the scenes in the labs and research department.

Sharon’s first opportunity of leadership more of a mentorship came with the creation of Team X-treme, made up of several students at the institute. During her tenure, an assault on the manor landed Sharon in a three day coma.

The team’s demise came shortly after an extreme conflict with her father Lord Leopard. This sent Sharon away from the manor for a period of a year, taking with her, her protégé Mandy Matchall aka Splitz and her mother Sally Hansen.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping of several students, and the report from Splitz, it was believed that Sharon perished during the recovery. Although it is noted, that her body was not recovered.

On discovery and subsequent arrival to the Consortium, it was discovered that not does she suffer amnesia- it appears that her abilities have been suppressed.

---- END File

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