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Kaitlyn Masterson

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Name: Kaitlyn Renee Masterson
Code Name: Medic

Position: EMT Specialist

AKA: Medic, Katie

Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair: blonde
Eye: blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Born: September 22, 1979
Birthplace: Concord, New Hampshire

Parents: Dr Matthew and Joanna Masterson
Siblings: Mitch (brother), Angel (sister)


English- primary
German- secondary


Atherton Academy- 6/97
First Responder: certified – 12/97
EMT- Basic: certified – 12/98
EMT-Intermediate: certified - 5/99
EMS Paramedic – AASD - 5/00
EMS Paramedic Specialist- AASD - 5/01
EMS Specialist: Psionic Triage – 8/04

The second of three children, Katie was born in Concord, New Hampshire to Dr’s Matthew and Joanna Masterson. Because her father worked within the Consortium Kaitlyn was granted tuition to attend the Atherton Academy in New York. She graduated with honors in June of 1997.

She went on to attend Western Iowa Tech CC earning her degree in Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic Specialist. Following graduation she accepted a position from the City of New York with Fire House # 55.

1. Kaitlyn’s 90 day probationary performance review was scheduled for Sept 11. This was postponed due to the terrorist attacks.
2. The intensity and stress of the situation is believed to be the stimulant or catalyst of her abilities.

After three days of intense and active duty, Kaitlyn was located in a small church. She was admitted to the hospital suffering from exhaustion, migraines, and the onset of her abilities. She was transferred to the Consortium Atherton Campus where she was treated, tested, and subsequently trained to control and use her abilities.

She had attempted a return to her job with FDNY and ultimately resigned in 2008. She accepted a position with the Consortium. Kaitlyn Masterson is one of four EMT’s at Arid Centre. She is an EMT Specialist: Psionic Triage. Her duties include both public and in house services. Although she is an employee of the Consortium, she is still technically a civil servant and bound to respond to medical situations. Her team is specifically trained and has priority response when Psionics are involved.

Psionic Analysis:

Telekinesis- Kaitlyn is capable of maneuvering objects with the use of mind-over-matter. She can move items from the microscopic level up towards one ton in mass weight. With her keen understanding of human anatomy and physiology, Kaitlyn uses this ability to stimulate a patient’s own natural healing.

Psychokinesis- Though she prefers not to use this ability unless necessary, Kaitlyn is capable of great, volatile damage in the use of this ability. She can cause implosions and explosions by sheer will.

Telepathy – Kaitlyn is an accomplished and highly skilled telepath. Her range is limited to approximate 10 feet in radius. She has achieved mastery level in several aspects of this ability including:

- Mental Speak: speaking with another person by sending messages between minds.
- Mental Honing: sending or receiving of brief messages over a short distance for locating or being located.
- Dream Walk: entering a sleeping person’s mind to observe their dreams.
- Empathy: is able to feel the emotions of others.

Note: Due to her Psionic abilities and close range contact with others, Katie’s father, Dr Matthew Masterson developed a buffer. This small device is installed on the right side of her neck just behind her ear. It controls the level of intensity to her abilities. At 100 % she experiences complete subjugation of all her psionic abilities. At 0 % she has complete access to all of them. The upside is that the device enables her to control the strength or magnitude of her abilities. The downside is that it does not differentiate between abilities. According to Dr Masterson, he created this device so that Kaitlyn could sleep at night and interact with others on close range.
Kaitlyn 'Medic' Masterson
EMT Specialist ~ Psionic Triage
Arid Centre
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