Shalimar Pierce

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Shalimar Pierce

Post by Blaze » March 29th, 2009, 10:49 pm

Name: Shalimar Pierce
Code Name: Blaze
Position: Director of Public Relations

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 109
Hair: Dark brown
Eye: brown
Skin color: Caucasian
Birthplace: New York

Typical attire: She is a trend setter- wearing clothes from high fashion and quality.

Mutant Ability Analysis:

Subject exhibits three identified abilities

Defense Ability: Heat shield

Offense Ability: Pyrokinetic

Martial Supremacy- Kendo- Under the guidance of her father- Shalimar has been trained in the many types of sword-fighting venues. Though she is skilled as a master in many her personal preference is Kendo.

Like her father- Joe Pierce, Shalimar entered the Consortium’s college academia. She has completed a 4 year degree in Mass Communication and Masters in Public Relations.

Seeking a second Master’s degree in Poli-Sci, Shalimar works in the Consortium’s Administration offices as Assistant Officer in Public Relations. Her duties include: Editor of The Console the Consortium’s weekly web based newspaper, management of web-operations, as well as over seeing the maintenance and operations of Consortium communications. Her ultimate objective is to become a Consortium Magistrate.

During her down-time, Shalimar is known to be found in New York’s Garment District. She is a devout fan of fashion and keeps her wardrobe up with the current trends. She has been known to set trends because the woman knows what she likes when she sees it. While some call her a shopaholic, she simply dismisses them with a wave of her hand and goes on shopping. She may tend her trends, however, this is one shopaholic who knows her finances, Shalimar sticks to a firm budget shopping on when and on what she can afford.

Even so, her favorite hobby is dancing with her father. She has even been known to turn down potential suitors who can’t measure up.
Shalimar "Blaze" Pierce
Security Clearance: Alpha-Psi 3
Director of Public Relations

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