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Arianna Porter

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Name: Arianna “Ari” Porter
Aliases: Anna Simpson

Codename: Terra
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birth place: Portland, Oregon

Psionic Analysis:

Offensive Ability: Tactile control over earth for a 30 yard radius. Able to create objects no larger than the amount of earth around her.

Defensive Ability: Able to create barriers and even armor, should the need arise.

Muted Ability: Able to sense various forms of vibration through the earth; even speech, if the person is standing on the ground (sounds become more muted through structures).


Born into a wealthy family, Arianna was quite the spoiled child; prone to throwing tantrums when she did not get something she wanted. When she was 12, her power manifested during one of these tantrums and she accidentally brought down her family's mansion with an earthquake; killing her mother. Gripped with fear Arianna's father tried to kill her, but she crushed him between two stone slabs she created as a reflex.

Without any witnesses, the incident was dubbed a rare occurrence and Arianna was placed into the custody of her Aunt Jemma; who spent her days on “vacation” while her employees looked after her Niece. When Arianna turned 18, she inherited her family's fortune and left her Aunt. During all that time, she had managed to control her powers out of will alone; keeping her anger in check. It wasn't until she was approached by a Dr. Adrise, she began to realize her potential.

The Doctor knew of Arianna's power when he learned of the earthquake that killed her family; especially the manner in which her father was killed. He had kept an eye on her as she grew up and was impressed by her focus. He offered her a chance to not only keep her powers in check but to use them without fear of losing control.

She accepted and became the Doctor's personal assistant and, in turn, a member of the ISR; whom Adrise worked for. Since then, she has become adept at harnessing her power and has even garnered a mild sense of respect within the anti-psionic organization.

Though exclusively Dr. Adrise's assistant, Arianna is obliged to aid the ISR with its activities. When not helping the Doctor, she aids Field Agents as a Handler; usually for other Psionics within the organization's employ.

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