Jonathan Thomas "Mac" MacDagget

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Jonathan Thomas "Mac" MacDagget

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Name: Jonathan Thomas "Mac" MacDagget
Codename / Street Name: Cleric.
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 275 lbs (appears 220).
Hair: Salt and Pepper Gray.
Eye: Green.
Skin color: Caucasian.
Birthplace: Sterling, Scotland.


Psionic Analysis:

Offensive Ability: Redirect absorbed Kinetic Energy to enhance strength and attacks.

Defensive Ability: Absorbs Kinetic Energy to withstand most impacts.

Muted Ability: Jon has highly dense bones to help with the absorption process. Because of this, he weighs much more than he appears. This causes occasional issues; like swimming or riding lightweight vehicles.


Jonathan Thomas MacDagget was born in Sterling, Scotland to William and Moira MacDagget. When Jon was 9 years old, his father and mother were killed in a car accident that he miraculously survived (In actuality, Jon's psionic ability is what saved him). After the accident, Jon went to live with his Grandfather in Chicago. He never told his Grandfather how he survived the accident and kept his powers secret from everyone.

Jon grew up in a rundown neighborhood and, like most other kids who lived there, got into trouble constantly; committing petty crimes with his friends. Jon was only 14 when he began working for the Cavetti Crime Family; which put a rift between him and his Grandfather. Shortly after, his Grandfather was killed during a mugging.

After losing his Grandfather, Jon lived in a Boy's Home run by St. Micheal's Church. There he met Father Creely who convinced Jon to turn to God and the Bible for council and wisdom in his time of need. While still not a devout Catholic like his Grandfather had been, Jon was more open to praying to God for guidance and even picked up a habit of quoting the Bible under his breath.

However, Jon still worked for the Cavetti Family and began to rise among its ranks. One day, Jon took a bullet meant for the head of the family – Angelo Cavetti. Cavetti saw Jon's psionic ability keep him from being hurt and decided to use it to his advantage; by turning Jon into a hitman.

Jon protested at first, but the promise of more money and a better life were all too tantalizing. He soon found himself learning how to use guns of all sorts and the more subtle forms of execution. Cavetti also noticed Jon's quirk of the occasional bible quote and thought it fitting to give him an ironic persona; the Cleric. As the Cleric, Jon made a name for himself as a skilled killer among Chicago's best hitman.

However, things changed, when he met Susan Book. They fell in love, married and had a baby boy named Joseph. During this time, Jon managed to keep his mob-life from interfering, but that wasn't to last.

Cavetti didn't like Jon's behavior, since marrying Susan; he was afraid of losing a valuable asset. To test Jon's loyalty, he gave him the task of silencing someone who'd been making his ill feelings of the Cavetti Family public; Father Creely.

Jon pretended to take the hit and tried to worn the Father instead. However, Cavetti foresaw Jon's betrayal and had Father Creely killed by a fake nun, before Jon could arrive. The nun waited for Jon to show, to deliver a message from Cavetti: Cavetti knew he – nor his men – would be able to kill Jon easily; not with his abilities. However, by killing Father Creely, he proved it wouldn't take much to kill the people around him. Cavetti wanted Jon to leave the state and in return, he'd leave Susan and Joseph alone.

Furious, Jon shot the fake nun and left before the police arrived. He returned home, while Susan and Joseph were out, packed some essentials and left a note telling them a made up tale of running off with another woman; believing the truth worse than a lie.

Jon left Chicago and traveled east. He eventually ended up in Florida, where he took odd jobs to make some money. Jon also took to drinking and was a floor-bum in varies bars, most nights.

It was during this time; Jon was approached to join the Consortium. He'd gone to the East Coast Campus and met with Joe Pierce who helped him get clean and better understand his abilities. When he felt his time was done, Jon left to go out on his own again; this time with some sense of direction. He still considers the Consortium a second home and – on rare occasions – returns every now and again for a change of pace or if he needs a little guidance.

In the last couple years, Jon has retaken the title of Cleric and went back to his life as a hitman; only this time he chooses his targets based on whether or not he believes they should die for their trespasses.

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