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Post by Triton » September 19th, 2015, 11:39 pm

"Good job, we'll talk about the damages later." Joe closed his flip-phone and then his eyes. it wasn't difficult to locate the woman with the amount of anger she was feeling. "She's on the third floor of the main building; you'll need at least one telekinetic to remove the ruble and I highly recommend sedating her first."

"Yes, sir." A fireman tugged at his helmet to him. Then, with a sharp whistle, he waved to his crew to follow him.

Joe looked towards the Victorian house where a crew worked to cut and dispose of parts of the tree. Medic, give the firemen a hand if you would.

Inside his office, Medic finished wrapping gauze around Tech's arm. No problem Boss. She thought.

She packed up her bag and patted Tech on the shoulder. "For what it's worth, that was a good landing."

"Yeah, any landing you can walk away from, right?" He asked.

"You'll be fine." After a kiss on his cheek, she hefted the strap of the bag to her shoulder and rose to leave. "I love you."

Outside, she found Joe talking with Wrangler. They were so engrossed in their conversation as if they had known each other for years.

With a smirk, Medic shook her head as she passed by them. She obtained a radio and flashlight from the make-shift communications table near the back entrance of the main building. Once inside the building, she switched on the light and then the radio.

"This is Medic, I'm entering the cafeteria, what's the location of my patient?"

"This is Chief Orem, we're three floors directly above you." He replied.

"Copy that, I'm on my way."

She stepped carefully around the debris all the while keeping alert for anyone missed or injured.

She found the third floor still filled with dust in the air from the damage. The particles of dust were caught in the beam of her light. Rounding the corner, she found the crew trying to move the cement debris off of the woman.

"I'll say it again," Avalon growled. "Get this damned thing the hell off of me!"

"Let me give this a try." Medic set her bag down and knelt close to the woman. She set her hands on the slab. "Once you feel it shift, move it aside."
"Aw hell, you're one of them too?" Avalon asked.

"If you want out of here, you need to trust me." Medic said.

"Famous last words." Avalon spat at her.

"Ready," Ignoring her, Medic took a deep breath. There was a scraping sound as the slab shifted.

Three firemen grasped the edges and pulled it away from Avalon. As Medics hands fell away though, the slab fell heavy to the floor.

"Sorry, guys. I lost my hold." She brushed her hands off and then slipped on a pair of purple gloves.

"That's a neat trick," Orem said.

"I may be telekinetic but moving heavy objects is not my strong suit." From her bag, Medic pulled out several small items.

"I don't think so." Avalon gripped Medic by the wrist. "You're not drugging me."

"Relax, it's just for an IV." Medic looked to Orem. "I could use a little help here."

"Boys, you heard the lady." Orem chuckled.

Without him having to specify, two firemen stepped in, each taking hold of one arm. It took a third to apply pressure to Avalon's own wrist to release Medic.

"Thanks," Medic worked quickly to insert the needle and tape it down. Once she did, a line was secured to a saline bag. Using the injection nodule. Medic added a sedative to the solution. "This'll help dull the pain."

"You bitch," Avalon moaned as the solution to effect. "I think I'll kill you after I kill Cleric."

"Right, then, sleep tight," Medic said. "I think we can move her now."

"Where too?" Orem asked.

Medic took up her radio. "Com Base, this is Medic, is the medical building operating?"

A man's voice crackled back. "That's affirmative, the power just came back on."

They braced Avalon's neck and leg then lifted her onto the gurney. She groaned and murmured threats as Medic lead the way to the medical building.

In the receiving room, Joe met up with Medic as she emerged from behind the swinging doors. Medic simply rolled her eyes.

"I take it our intruder is alive and recovering?" Joe asked.

"Oh and she's a peach." Medic said. "It seems that she has a kill list and apparently I'm now on it."

"Well, that's not going to happen." Joe set his hand on her shoulder. "I wouldn't worry too much about it."

"Boss, if I may ask..." Torque approached them. "Who the hell is she?"

"If you don't mind, sir, I need to check in with the Doc." Medic said.

"All right," Joe dropped his hand from Medic's shoulder as he turned to face Torque. "We don't know yet. I'm guessing that Cleric has some idea... I was about to go talk with him if you'd like to join."

"I'll pass, I need to check in with Vortex." Torque twitched the corner of her mouth.

"Check in or check on?" He asked.

"Both," she quipped.

With the shared laugh on their minds, the three went their respective ways.

Joe stepped into the exam room as the nurse left. He saw Cleric trying to put a shirt on after getting up from the table.

"How bad is it?"

"Eh, I've had worse," he said, as he worked his arm around. "Ain't had one this bad in a while, but I'll mend just fine."

"Good to hear, I'll tell Red that you're on the injured list... " Joe held the door open as they stepped into the corridor and then headed to the elevator. "You should take advantage of it, get some downtime. Maybe take a vacation somewhere remote."

"Heh, sounds nice, but ya know me; can never stay sittin' for..." he trailed off and looked at him. "What ya just say?"

"About Red," Joe pressed the call button for the elevator then turned. "He and I've known each other for years. He handles some of our freelance work." When the doors opened Joe winked at him with a smirk and stepped onto the elevator. "I'm going up to visit our intruder... Care to join me?"

Jon stepped in, on instinct; his mind still a bit in shock. "But then why did he act like he didn't..." he trailed off again. "Oh, that feckin' prick. I swear ta' God if I ever meet the man, I'll beat his head in." He took in a deep breath and held it until the doors closed. "What state is she in?" he asked. "Doubt she'll be doin' much dancin'."

"That's what we're going to find out." Joe tapped the button for the fourth floor and the doors slid shut.

one floor up and the doors opened again. Joe meandered down the corridor pausing at the window that looked into Ice's room. She rested peacefully as a nurse, dressed in a winter coat, checked her vitals.

"This woman, whoever she is, has caused enough grief for plenty of people," Joe said as they resumed walking the corridor. "Unfortunately there isn't a jail or prison that could properly contain her."

"Then what ya gonna do with her? It might take ya a while ta' build one around her."

Joe sighed before opening the door to another room. Inside, he stepped to the bed and looked down at the sleeping Avalon. "For the moment we have her in a drug-induced coma while her body heals. After that... The council is debating on what to do. Some like the idea of keeping her induced although the long-term effects on a psionics are unknown."

A nurse showed him the patient chart. He skimmed over it handed it back. "Security will be here around the clock but I'm still having Ice moved just as a precaution for her."

"Good call. I dunno why, but she really really has it in for the cold las. Must have some hellish history 'tween 'em."

Joe grimaced and forced a nod. "That's not all... I understand she has a death list and both of you are on it plus Medic. And she was just doing her job."

"Guess I did make the list after all," he said, as he watched her. "Trust me Joe; this isn't a job ta' her. Nah, fer someone like her... it's just fun."

The memory of her threat crept up his spine. He shook the thought and said, "Well, if ya actually do know Red, then I guess ya already know them ISR folks are definitely her employers?"

Joe watched Avalon sleep, wondering if he should dare explore her mind. "The sad part is that, like other psionics in their service, she may not even know it."


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