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Author:  Avalon [ November 13th, 2012, 9:39 pm ]
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Darkness enveloped the world the motorcycle engine revved echoing from one building to the next making her way quickly out of town and toward the target. The backpack Avalon wore was practically bulging at the seams. This either would go according to plan or because of her unfortunate emotional outburst her reputation would be ruined if she survived at all. Avalon played through the attack on Laurell and the sight of the cold hearted wretch strapped to the oven’s conveyer blistering and burning was satisfying.

Avalon was sure that Laurell had been rescued; and was positive the woman had been taken back to the campus for what could only be assumed as unique medical aid just for freaks. Unfortunately, Avalon was a freak in her right. None of that matter now, now it was time for business. Emotionless calm came from deep within her, Avalon’s eyes concentrated only on the road ahead. Curve left; curve right, the trees that stood tall on both side and the darkness that shrouded the beyond in doubt. Only two miles away now Avalon slowed and turned the motorcycle into the trees and away from prying eyes.

Not bothering with the kickstand, she leaned the bike against a tree and kneeled on the pine, and leave covered ground. Swinging the backpack over her shoulder the muscles in her arms visibly working to sit it carefully in front of her through the skin tight long sleeved spandex work-out shirt she wore. Her all black tight attire allowed from optimum movement. It was unfortunate that she had to take the detour to grab the supplies now laid out before her as she peeked into the bag. The technology part of this job was exhausting and had never been her strong suit.

This job was turning into a mess, first losing her control over her anger. Second, having to contact some rather unsavory individuals in Boston for these bombs packed up carefully in front of her. This damn business man that had hired her had better pay up promptly or he’d be on her crap list. She was leaving too many foot prints in what was supposed to be a simple job. The appearance of her past had moved things more quickly than she had wanted to. Now, she would have to lay low for a while after the campus had been demolished.

Taking a deep breath she found that quiet, calculating part of her and allowing it to take her over. Avalon closed the bag, carefully slung it over her shoulders, secured it across her chest and walked toward the campus keeping quiet. Her senses alert for anyone coming her way. The only positive of being a freak was she would always see them coming….


Author:  Triton [ November 20th, 2012, 1:02 am ]
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Inside the Victorian house Joe Pierce was in his office. He stood at the bar near the fireplace pouring two glasses of bourbon. He handed one to his guest then crossed the room to his desk. There, he picked up the receiver of the phone and pressed two numbers. “Mona, this is Triton, place campus security protocols on high alert but no alarms. Let’s not upset the children.”

“Understood Triton” The AI responded. “Shall I notify Vortex of the situation?”

“Yes, by all means, we may get a fox in the hen house tonight and I want it caught.” He hung up with a stern look to his associate. “Tell me what you know about Avalon.”

"She's yer top of the line assassin," answered Jon, as he set the glass down on a nearby stand. "First time I saw her was when I was still with the Cavetti Family. Angelo was a middle man fer a hit she had in the city. After some back n' forth with a friend o' mine, I found out she was the thing that made me come here."

Jon pondered a moment, before continuing. "I don't think the blue lass was her target. That was anger; pure n' simple. I think she still has a job to do. Once I get in touch with my contact, I can see if he's found anythin' yet."

With a heavy, remorseful sigh Joe stared into his glass. “Versailles tells me that they've picked up on new activity from the ISR. There are disturbing reports that they’re planning a move. I need to know if she has connections to them.” He swallowed the bourbon in one gulp with a hard flinch in response. He then set the glass on the desk. “This goes no further than us until the time is right. I don’t want to panic the students. If this woman can be captured without chaos- I think you know what I mean.”

Jon cocked an eyebrow, as he said, "ISR? Never run across them, me'self, but I've heard you n' yers have bumped heads before."

He leaned into the seat, as he rubbed his chin. "No fuss on the grounds; got it. Then we need to coax her out somehow. I doubt she'd show for another meetin'; she's pretty sure of my intentions for bein' here. If we could figure out her target, we might be able to head her off. My contact ain't fond of unfamiliar numbers, but ya think ya can lend me yer cell?"

“I can do better than that.” From a left hand drawer of the desk Joe retrieved a small black cell phone. He tossed it over the desk to Jon. “It’s a disposable so it can’t be traced. My number is plugged into the memory so don’t lose it.” He then picked up the receiver to the desk phone and placed a call. “Vortex is Triton. I have Cleric in my office at the moment. I’m going to send him your way. I’d like for you to introduce him to Mona.” He looked to Jon as he listened. “No, she’s not a key but she is an important factor- thank you, son.” He cradled the receiver. Reaching in to another drawer he pulled out a white card with a metallic strip on one side. “This will get you into the main building. Do not lose this either.” He held it out to Jon. “His lab it on the seventh floor, the name plate is Ed Phosphor.”

Jon took the card, as he said, "Mona, eh? If the situation wasn't so dire, I'd think ya be settin' me on a blind date."

Joe laughed and shook his head. “It’s nothing like that I assure you.”

Jon stood up and gave Joe a casual salute, before leaving the office. As he made his way to the seventh floor, he thought about Avalon. Just how did Joe plan to capture her? Maybe this Mona and Ed guy could come up with something. He looked at his new phone and considered calling Red, but he'd first see what Joe's pals could come up with.

Standing at the window of his office Joe looked out to watch his friend cross the grounds. A beep from his computer gained his attention. He turned to see the mail icon flashing. “Mona, open the e-mail.”

A window appeared on the monitor. The header field was blank- addressed from undisclosed to undisclosed. The note field was brief. “ISR Confirmed- status ACTIVE- Code Avarous”

A chill moved through his blood like a wave. He dropped back into his chair and stared at the screen. Mindless, he picked up the receiver of his phone and placed a call.

“This is Joyce Baylen.” The woman answered.

“Was that message from you?” His fingers trembled as he fumbled with his tie to loosen it.

“Is this line secure?” She asked.

“Yes, Mona certified,” He quipped with a dry tone.

“Eugene Cunningham is dead.” She deadpanned. “Joe, we've been infiltrated.”


JP with Cleric

Author:  Double Fire [ March 12th, 2013, 12:42 am ]
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In the medical building Mandy sat in vigil at the bedside of her friend. While Laurell slept, Mandy read a book. On occasion she yawned, rubbed at her eyes or the back of her neck. Still, she remained at Laurell’s bed side.

Every inch of Ice's body felt heavy. She wanted to move. With a furrowed brow she concentrated to open her eyes. Slowly they fluttered open to see the sterile white of the medical facility invading the beautiful darkness in which she had slept.

Her last memory was of Avalon. What happened? Now, consciousness had taken away the gentle snow cascading over the skeletal remains of tree limbs in the depth of a winter night. Adjusting to the brightness of the living world Ice glanced about the room to see Mandy. An attempt at a simple hello came out as a croak.

Hearing her, Mandy closed her book and sat forward. Despite her concern, she offered a friendly smile. “Hey you, welcome back. You had us scared there for a while.” She reached to the pitcher in the bed table and filled a cup with the water. She held the bottom of it in offer to help her friend quench her throat.

A weak smile answered her friend. Ice sat up slightly, the movement was slow an obvious effort behind it. Reaching for the cup with shaking hands; the cold liquid soothed her damaged throat. "Where is she?" Ice asked.

“They’re looking for her.” Mandy set the cup on the bed table and returned to her seat. “Listen, whatever you know about her; you need to tell Triton.”

Ice stared at her friend; not sure just how much any of them knew about what she does in her time away from them. The fear of being told that she couldn't stay with them, of being rejected was very real in her heart. But, Avalon, that woman would never stop no matter how unhinged she got. No matter how much Avalon ignored it, she was a mutant. Ice feared her friends may not stand a chance.

"Don't let them go near her, Mandy. She's dangerous." Ice turned her head away from her friend. "Avalon is only the name she uses. Her real one is Jessica Ayers. She is a mutant Mandy; please tell them not to fight her one on one. It has to be done right."
Ice had tears frozen on her cheeks, "Mandy, if they find out what I have done.....please I don't want to leave." Ice's fear was plain on her face. Emotions of any kind never showed, Ice had decided in returning to her friend that she wanted a new life. This situation could ruin it all, and here she was laying in a hospital bed unable to take care of the problem for them.

"Avalon can see what someone is going to do the moment they decide to do it. I lucked out with her once. If they want to beat her they have to get one step in front of her."

“If Snow were here, she’d know what to do.” On instinct she reached out to touch her friend with a consoling hand. She stopped herself and pulled back. With a deep sigh she offered a forced smile. “These people are just as good and I’ve come to trust them.”

"I want a home Mandy, a real one.” Ice looked to her friend as the tears filled her eyes from the mention of Snow. “Avalon will see a physical attack coming. You have to figure out a way to get ahead of her. Give her no way out." Ice closed her eyes refusing to let the tears fall. "Keep everyone safe Mandy. I want to make more friends like you...don't let her ruin it." Ice's words faded as she gave into the exhaustion from her wounds and fell asleep.

“I won’t,” Mandy gasped to hold back her own emotions. Again, she wanted to reach out and touch her friend. Sympathy and understanding urged her but caution over took her. She pulled her hand back and gripped the side rail of the bed. “You have more friends than you know.” She swiped her hand at the swell of tears in her own eyes. With a deep breath, a brave front, and reluctance she turned and walked out.

In the corridor she leaned back against the wall. There, she let out soft cry. Her knees buckled and she slid to the floor as her mind filled with the memories of their mentor. She bowed her head and closed her eyes with a whisper. “What am I supposed to do?”

“You could get your ass off the floor for starters.” Torque teased her.

She looked up to her partner and Vortex as they approached. “I can’t do this, not alone.”

“Then it’s a good thing that you have us.” Vortex held his hand out. “C’mon, Triton’s waiting.”

Accepting his hand up, she took another deep breath and nodded. “I got a tidbit from her. Whoever this Avalon is, I don’t want to say that Ice is afraid of her but she does feel threatened.”


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Author:  Avalon [ March 28th, 2013, 8:05 pm ]
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The pack slung in front of her across her chest open slightly allowing for easy access to the electronic devices inside Avalon made her way along the campus’ perimeter her intuition and trained senses paying close attention to every movement her body makes. The security system at the campus put the Russian military’s missile storage facilities to shame. This was a challenge; the challenge is what Avalon has come to live for. Never happy about regrets of any kind it was difficult to put the failure of her interaction with Laurell out of her mind. But, the job needed done, and if she didn’t complete her job her reputation as the best would be in jeopardy. So, all thoughts were put from her mind but the action at hand.
The devices were cone shaped with a spike that could be extracted from the tip. Electromagnetic Pulse was the only way it had been determined to not only shut out the electricity of the campus but the continuing pulse that the tech geeks she got the devices from equipped the cones with would continue to hold the campus at a standstill for at least two hours. The security system had to be taken out quickly for a length of time. The devices hid in the ground at north, south, east, and west hidden easily in bushes and over-grown grass. Before activating these little devices she made her way toward the place where the campus collected their solar power. Damned go green people.
All solar panels do are to pull out and store the power radiated from the sun to run electronics. The continued electromagnetic pulse that has already been set up would take care for a period of time the security system’s ability to work no matter the power that has been stored, the radiation that is created from the pulse is not something that can be easily overcome no matter how evolutionary the system is. Another such plus of the pulse was the interaction it would have with the campus’ communication. In order to cut power now the supply must be destroyed. Research should never be underestimated; neither should be doing things the old fashioned way. No one seemed to expect the use of explosive. Luckily explosives now came in such small packages. The highly effective palms sized bombs that Avalon now tossed over the fence one by one were all connected to the same remote.
After the bombs had been planted Avalon made her way quietly toward the campus again; remote in hand she pressed that wonderful little red button and the powerful explosions in such small packages let loose the power on the solar panels, storage batteries, and wires. The aftershock wave that was sent out forced Avalon to pause to keep her balance. She quickly regained her feet and ran toward the campus fully aware that her presence had been announced. Keeping eyes peeled on the lights that were slowly flickering out across the campus just out of sight. The moment the lights began to flicker back on the electromagnetic pulse would be her next step. Oh, yes, this should be fun. Avalon smiled and held back her jovial laughter excited for the events to unfold. How would these young students here react?


Author:  Triton [ May 20th, 2013, 2:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Return


As Jon made his way to the main building, he couldn't help but feel somewhat responsible for this whole mess. If he'd told Joe earlier—when he learned Avalon was there—maybe the ice woman wouldn't have gotten hurt and Joe's campus wouldn't be in trouble.

At that moment, the biggest question on his mind was how was he going to get his hands on Avalon, without making a noisy mess of it; especially if she was on the grounds.

“T'aint like I can just ask her to come along, nice n' quiet like,” he said aloud, as he looked at his new phone. “Maybe best ta' see if Red has anythin' fer me now, instead of checkin' in later.”

Jon punched in the first three digits, when an explosion bellowed through the campus with such force Jon's body instinctively absorbed some of the kinetic energy. A columned plume of fire rose in the distance—near the solar panels.

“So much for no ruckus,” said Jon, as he jammed the phone into his pocket and began a mad dash toward the explosion, as he withdrew the .45's from the back of his pants. He didn't imagine she'd use such a grandstand move like blowing something up; better to go in for the quick and quiet kill.

“What's yer game?” he thought, as he neared the source of the explosion. “Diversion? Trap? Guss I'm about to find out.”


Joe stood frozen from the words of his colleague. The explosion drew him to the window as everything went dark. He stared out to see Cleric and several others run across the grounds.

“Joe,” Baylen’s voice snapped him back. “Joe, are you still there?”

“Yes,” He blinked and looked down to the phone receiver in his hand. He set it back to his ear. “Yes, I’m still here. Call Versailles and assemble the US magistrates, and bring what you know.” He dropped the receiver to its cradle. Grabbing his cell phone, he slipped it into his pant pocket as he rushed out of the house.

The campus was dark. A pop sound was accompanied by a shower of sparks as a transformer blew.

Joe paused to listen. He closed his eyes and focused on the minds of the others. He searched their thoughts for witnesses, he needed to know. There were hundreds of them. The minds of those on campus had ranged in thoughts of confusion, fear, and reflections of chaos. He sorted through them in his search.

First he found Double Fire. He saw her with Torque and Vortex trapped in an elevator. He was quick to call her on his cell phone.

“Yes sir,” She answered.

“The power is out across campus.”

In the elevator, Mandy held her phone out to Eddie. “It’s Triton.”

Eddie stopped reaching for the ceiling to accept the phone. “Hey Dad, we’re okay.”

“You’ll have to use your ability to get out of there.” Joe said. “The power’s out.”

“Understood, we’ll be out in a short here.”

“Good, gather your team at the manor once you are.” He clicked off to resume his mental search.

“Dad,” Shalimar approached him with Pyroclastic at her side. “What’s going on?”

“Catch up to Cleric while I figure that out.” He held up his hand to shush them as he continued with his telepathy.

There, the voice of a mind he didn't recognize. The young woman was in a place he couldn't define. He focused on her thoughts and called out to her. “Avalon, where are you? Show me.”


Author:  Avalon [ August 31st, 2013, 7:38 pm ]
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Leaves, grass and trees pass her quickly. Avalon's enhanced intuition kept her from running headlong into a branch, ditch, or anything else that would slow her. It was dark now one can not truly understand the idea of pure darkness until they have been a place where electricity has never touched and never will. The Darkness was fearsome thing all unto its self, but that was the point of the light show, darkness, fear of the unknown. Avalon was quickly making her way along the back wall of the main building in which the main offices and those unlucky people who had found their way onto her list would likely be. Avalon raised up a grappling hook and shot it up to the roof of the building. Being cautious and giving the nylon rope a tug to ensure the sharp hooks had grabbed Avalon began quietly climbing. Her bag of goodies was slung over her shoulder and out of the way. After only moments she was perched atop the building sliding the night-vision atop her head in case it was necessary inside.

Reaching further into her bag she found the pair of Springfield 9 mm semi-automatic pistols that had been carefully packed with the waist holster. The old fashioned belt straight out of a Clint Eastwood western buckled around her waist. Next, the three six inch knives in a specially made holster for her thigh. Last was a pair of Uzi, sub machine guns, with extra clips that were slung and secured over each shoulder so they would stay close to her body in case they would catch during the decent into the buildings air duct. Pulling a pen sized welding machine out of her side pocket Avalon began work on the duct that would give her entrance into the building. It was that moment that a whisper inside her head made her jerk back at look around her confused, there was no one up here with her, she would have been aware if anyone else had arrived. Damned mutants trying to get into her head. Not that it mattered, no matter how far ahead of her they thought they could get she would always side step just in time. That smug thought brought a smile to her sadistic face, only one person had ever gotten the better of her. And that particular woman was currently out of commission.

Shaking her head and clearing her thoughts from distractions, she got back to work at opening up a hole wide enough to fit through. It was moments like this her slender frame really paid off. Avalon slid into the hole bringing her bag along with her. Quickly, quietly, and wearing an excited smile for a fight ahead she planted her weight evenly against either side of the duct and went down. The top floor just below her, quietly accessing if anyone was directly below. Listening for a moment before deciding to open the vent and wiggle her way out into the dead building. The uzis making a bit of unfortunate noise as she pulled her first .22 and made sure the hallway was clear.

Avalon held the pistol down with both hands so arms wouldn't become fatigued and began making her way toward the offices.

'Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.' She thought.


Author:  Double Fire [ November 3rd, 2013, 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Return

OOC: Sorry for the delay. this has been a long time coming.


The elevator was stuck between floors. Eddie tried to pry the door open with no luck. Torque had tried the emergency phone, again, with no luck. Even their cells phones failed to catch a signal.

"The tower must be out." Eddie said.
"We could try screaming." Torque said.
"Or we could go through the roof." Mandy said. "Give me a boost." With a foot on Torque's thigh and the other braced by Eddie, she was lifted up close to the ceiling. There, Mandy was able to pop open the hatch.
After pulling herself through, she reached back down and offered her hand to them. Torque followed her up. Together they had the strength to help Eddie through.
"Okay Ms. Brilliant, what's next?" He asked.
"We climb the ladder to the roof." Mandy grasped the metal rungs and started up.

One levels above them the doors were forced open. Flashlights shone down by men from the maintenance crew. One reached down to catch Mandy's hand and hoisted her out of the shaft. She stepped back to make room and waited.

When Eddie appeared he took charge. "Thanks guys, any ideas on what happened?"

"Not a clue Chief. The entire campus is black. " The supervisor said. "My crew and I were headed down to the generator room when we were called about folks in the elevator."

"All right, don't let us stop you." Eddie shook his hand. "The medical center's generator needs to be your priority."

"Yes sir," The supervisor saluted him with his flashlight. "We're on it."

The group moved to the stairwell and down. On the first floor they went their separate ways with the crew headed to the basement and the three going outside.

The moment they reached the lobby, their cell phones rang. Multiple messages had been left by people looking for them. Mandy received the only one that helped them.

"This is Pyroclastic, we need you. Get your ass to the Solar Garden."

She closed her phone and turned to the others. "They're at the Solar Garden."

"That's on the edge of campus." Torque said.

"No problem, one vortex coming up." Eddie turned away from them and flexed his muscles. He moved his arms in a circle and then drew his hands together. The air around him crackled with energy as he controlled it.

Mandy felt a sense of a thousand needles on her skin as the particles in the air obeyed Eddie's command. It was the first time she had witness him use his ability at such a close range. Lightning flashed and a wind blew as the forces churned before them. It looked very much like a hurricane. As it turned it shifted and became vertical. They were pulled towards it and stepped through.

On the other side Mandy found herself stepping towards the crowd gathered just outside the garden of solar panels. The vortex faded and she heard some one quip. "Show off."

With a smirk, she shook her head. "Jealous."

"It's the only way to travel." Eddie said.

"Double Fire!" Pyroclastic called out to her.

"Time to work." Mandy joined him and Blaze with several others.

They stood together, side by side. Their faces were illuminated by the glow of the raging flames. Like the others, Mandy looked to their mentor in what to do.

"You are pyrokinetics; you can absorb the energy." He said. "Draw it to you people. Close your eyes and imagine the energy, the heat coming in to you and then fading to become a part of you."

With a deep breath Mandy closed her eyes to imagine as she was told. She could feel her temperature rise as the glow faded from her face. And then it was gone. In an instant, she and the others were drenched in water from Torque and several other hydrokinetics.

Pyroclastic held his arms out wide as he shook the water from his face and laughed. "You've got to love this!"


Author:  Hollow [ November 16th, 2013, 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Return

Off: It's been a while. Lets see if I still can do this. This is the game where we kick the ball into the goal right?

Two months before the present.

The dim light didn't seem to reveal much about the room, but it revealed enough. The room was large enough that shadows crept up the walls, and filled the corners. The room was bare of furnishings. Entirely spartan aside from a central pole. It's rust covered shaft five to six inches in diameter, and according to the sound it made when hit, roughtly an inch thick. One word came to mind to describe this aged post. Strong. It embedded both ends well into the ceiling and floor, probably for several floors. The darkness shrouding the walls hid a heavy steel door. Locked from the outside, it was the only means in or out, and it only opened to bring pain.

How long had it been? How long had he been captive? Matt didn't even know who was holding him. Only that daily, around the same time, he would be asked for information. Information he could not give. Information that fell into two categories, that which he did not know, and that which if he gave would place others in danger. Specifically, one whom he cared about. He had tried phasing out once, almost escaped too. He never saw that specific guard again. If he didn't kill him, surely they did. That was how long ago now?

Matt's thoughts were interrupted by the metallic sound of the doors locks, followed by it's complaint at moving. Bright light flooded from the outside, hurting his eyes. Two, maybe three others entered the room, features obscured by the blinding light behind them.

All Matt could think of was how they were earlier than usual. "Howdy gentlemen, getting impatient huh?"

The men ignored his comment, one stepping forward towards him. Between the combination of Matt's eyes adjusting to the light, and the person being closer, details and features started to be discernable. Facial hair, dark sun glasses, balding. The man grabbed Matt by the chin and forced his head to the side, exposing his neck. There would be a sudden pain, as the needle was jammed into his neck."What are you-!" Matt started, interrupted as the sudden sound of bees swarmed into his head. The world became brighter, more vivid. Then the pain set in, like he could feel the chemicals as they burned their way through his veins. Into his skull, through his eyes, so much it seemed like he could feel every single strand of hair, and it too was on fire.

Matt had felt pain before. Endured levels of pain most people couldn't imagine. Matt had never endured anything like this though, and the man smiled evily as he writhed in agony. "Soon we shall know all that you know..Mr. McMicheal." The words didn't sound right, echoed and fuzzed, and yet clear as crystal. The cuffs, that had already been digging into Matt's flesh from being too tight, seemed like molten slag digging into his bones. "Tell us about the campus, about the people in charge, and about your former teammate. Or it'll get worse."


Author:  Cleric [ December 18th, 2013, 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Return

JP /w Vortex, Torque & Double Fire


“Crisis averted, I guess,” Jon said, as he watched the fire subside and the others get doused. Now what to do? Should he get back to Joe or head over to the main building and find that Phosphor person? Where the hell was Phosphor again? In all the commotion, Jon had forgotten where he was headed in the first place. While he pondered, he saw a man standing to the side; the one who appeared with the two women.

“Hey, lad,” he called out, as he walked toward him. “Think ya can tell me where I might find an Ed Phosphor?”

"You found him." He held out his hand. "My friends call me Eddie, everyone else calls me Vortex. This is my sister Torque and her partner Double Fire. They're two of my field agents."

Torque cocked her head to one side. Her blonde hair draped over her arm as she held her hands to her hips. She teased him with a wink. "Oh, so now we're your field agents."

Eddie sneered at her and then returned his attention back to Jon. "how can I help you?"

Jon shook his hand. "That was easy enough," he said and nodded a greet to Torque and Double Fire. "Joe wanted me ta' come talk ta' ya and a lass... Mona, I think it was."

Jon looked at the damaged panels. Avalon was making her move, but he still didn't have clue one as to what it could be. Hopefully Ed and his friends could help with that.

"I need to check on her anyway." Eddie turned back to the large group and called out. "Steen, would you take charge of this? Make sure that everyone is accounted for."

"Sure thing, I know the drill." Pyroclastic said.

"Torque and Double Fire are with me." Eddie said.

Pyroclastic held up his thumb and then turned his attention to the students and faculty gathered around. "All right, let's get everyone in to the cafeteria."

Eddie turned back to the three waiting on him. "This way."

He moved towards the Administration building. The seven story structure loomed over the center courtyard. Eddie checked the security access panel on the back door. The keypads are dark from the loss of power. He stepped back and looked up the wall of glass windows. "D, can your double touch physical objects like locked doors?"

"No problem," Mandy closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. At it slowed as shimmer of energy appeared beside her. It took human form as it walked through the door. A moment later the door was pushed open by her Psionic twin. And in an instant she was gone.

As the door began to close Torque grasped it with one hand and then held it for the others. "You okay there, D?"

"Yeah," Mandy nodded as she passed her to enter the building. "It's been a while since I last activated her- Pyroclastic has had me focused on my other abilities."

"I'll speak with him." Eddie volunteered. "You need to keep her in shape as well." He crossed the floor and pulled open the door to the stairwell.

As he reached the top of the first flight of stairs the emergency power came on. He switched off his flashlight.

"Well, that's something." Torque said.

"I just hope that Mona's okay." Eddie said. He rushed up to the third floor and out of the stairwell.

"I really hope you n' yer friend can help me," Jon said, as he kept up. He took a quick side glance at Double Fire. Her ability to form a copy, on top of pyrokinesis, was impressive. The idea of her being the ice woman's friend seemed unlikely; considering how sensitive she was to heat. "Like yer one to judge," he thought. "Closest thing ya got to a friend is an old man on the end of a cellphone."

On the third floor Eddie pushed through the door of the stairwell and moved down the corridor. At the door with his name on it he swiped his access card through the security panel. As he entered the lab the back-up lights turned on.

"Mona, you there?" He asked. He turned back as the others filed in. "Be careful in here and don't touch anything."

"Is there enough power for her?" Torque asked.

"Good question, my guess is probably not." Eddie examined the connections to a large computer system. Taking out his cell phone he made a call. "Yeah this is Vortex, can you give me a time frame on when we'll be back to full power...? Right- switch over to the mainstream... I know that and Mona is down and there's a terrorist still on the grounds... Thank you." He closed the phone and left it on the desk in the corner. "Power should be restored within five minutes assuming they're doing their job."

"Easy brother, everyone's on edge right now." Torque said.

"How bad is it with Mona down?" Mandy asked.

"We might as well be blind and paralyzed." Eddie said.

While they waited, Jon stepped over to Mandy. "How's yer friend doin?" he asked. "She was pretty banged up, by the time I got her here."

"Ice ? She's a survivor." Mandy sat against the desk and crossed her ankles. "I've known her since high school. We were even roommates once- I can't imagine what sort of trouble she's gotten into this time- we've gotten out of some pretty serious stuff together. She knows I've her back."

"She's definitely lucky ta' be alive," Jon said and proceeded to tell her, and the others, what he knew about Avalon and what brought him to find Ice at the factory. "Needless ta' say, she has one helluva grudge against yer friend," he said and looked to Eddie. "N' now that she's got everyone scramblin', there's no tellin' where she could be right now n' I still don't know who her target is."

Author:  Hollow [ January 1st, 2014, 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Return

"That's right, five minutes." the substation manager's words echoed off the concrete walls as he spoke into the phone. Key card in hand as he hurriedly made way to the generators. He wasn't hard to keep up with, however with how easy it was for sounds to echo in the hallways, care had to be taken to remain unnoticed.

Thoughts poured through Matt's mind like a jumbled mix of sand, clay, and water. Things were either too fuzzy to really recall, slightly hazy, or vivid and came freely. A faint buzzing sound ever present at the back of his mind, yet he moved on as if his body were controlled by mere impulse.

The man entered the primary control room for the generators, having been off the phone for some time now. Matt slipped through the door before it could close, the clicking of magnetic locks engaging behind him. "We need to get as much power back to the mains as possible so that Mona can be reinitialized..." the four others in the room looked as the man was interrupted by a thud. They would find him crumpled to the floor, unconscious.

Matt could almost see the thought processes travel down synaptic relays. Three went for the man, the fourth went for a phone. He wouldn't make it. No sooner had the second man collapsed did Matt finish the other three off, none of whom ever saw their assailant.
Despite being relatively alone, Matt remained invisible as he was well aware of the cameras. They may not be streaming, but they were still recording. Standing at the main control panel he would shut off all remaining emergency generators.

The lights on the panel were the last things to go dark. Feeling into his pack Matt would pull out a pair of goggles, a prototype slim profile nvg. Pulling his .45, he would put a liberal amount of rounds in the control panels. They wouldn't be operational any time soon. The mag locks required power to keep the doors closed, and no one could see him walk right out.

Matt stepped onto the campus grounds, hastily making his way to his designated exit. He could hoof it for miles away from the campus before he would manage a vehicle. He wouldn't phase into visibility, instead he would choose to remain cautious and avoid being seen and possibly identified. Sticking around to enjoy the smell of fear and explosions wouldn't be in the cards either. Just because he couldn't be seen didn't mean he couldn't be sensed by a telepath.

He had been hired for this operation because he was familiar with the target compound. Hidden in plain sight as a campus of sorts. Even though he was hired for it, he opted to do it without pay, for personal reasons. He had once thought them friends, until they betrayed him, until they killed her. A hazy memory played in the back of his head. The details were foggy, but he could see her blonde hair vividly.

Through this memory, the pain it brought, he felt a touch. Like a hand reaching out to his, familiar enough to stop him in his tracks momentarily, and in that moment a sense of clarity. The moment was fleeting however, and soon the buzzing overtook him. Before he knew it he was vaulting over the perimeter.

**Two weeks before the present**

"Is he ready?" A bearded man watched as Matt underwent a combat stress test. A woman stepped forward to watch Matt as she spoke "Not everything we wanted is taking, some aspects of his character are just too strong...but yes. We believe he will be an excellent operative for our cause." her German accent subtle, just enough to give her an exotic sound.

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