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New guy on the board.

Posted: July 13th, 2016, 3:29 am
by Malvern
Howdy. I'm TJ and I was invited to join. I guess that lady who invited me knew I needed some kind of outlet. The long version of my life is too long to share so I'll offer the reader's digest version. I'm 30, single, no wife or nose-miners, and I am currently serving as sole caregiver for my mother who is not faring well. Right now, things are going bad in a few different directions and I'm under a LOT of stress. So, I'll be around but I really don't know when or how much. About half the time I feel like I'm a quarter inch from losing my marbles and truly I cannot be more than an inch from it at all times. I'm the relief valve for everyone but I have no relief valve.

So, that's me. I'm a weirdo who's overstressed. You'll learn to sincerely despise the one who invited me but I'm grateful that she did. With friends like her on my side, I might just pull through. In time, I'll get in here and get busy, I just need to tend to a few things on the home front before I do. I appreciate the patience for those who will be waiting for me to get my stuff sorted, and look forward to interacting with all of you.


Re: New guy on the board.

Posted: July 13th, 2016, 10:18 am
by Sarken
Welcome TJ, hope things work out for you. take your time, peruse the boards and post your character profile so I can review / approve it ;)