01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

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01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by Archivist » September 24th, 2014, 6:28 pm

Original Poster: Hollow


Matt hit the mat, and he hit it hard. Picking himself back up, he looked to the mechanical bull. The beast’s eyes glowed red and steam poured from its nose as it taunted Matt to try again.

"C'mon Matt, you can do it!" He could hear Mandy cheering him on.

"C'mon Cowboy!" Chill shouted as he drummed his palms on the bar top.

"Go Matt!" Another hooted like a dog.

"Cowboy Up!" he could hear the cheers of the others in the bar, some of them were in the group he came with from the mansion. Some were just people there having a good time watching him.

Smiling, Matt climbed back onto the bull. Gripping the rope firmly, he looked to the operator with a nod. He was thrown around this way and that, maneuvering his weight with the bull, and holding on for deer life with his legs.

Suddenly all he felt below him was air, and his groin was coming up towards his elbow mighty fast. {Quick, rack yourself or jump, rack yourself or jump.} Matt didn't even have to think about it, his instincts answered him. At least this time he landed on his feet.

"Awe c'mon Matt, you can do better than that!" he heard the playful taunts by Mandy from the bar-like fencing around the bull pen.

Walking over, he took a sip from his drink and then smiled to her. "You get up on that thing and show me how it's done!" he smirked.

"You're saying I can't ride that thing?" she asked with a competitive smirk.

Looking back to the bull, then to Mandy he smiled. "You're right, you could probably do that with no hands. With your leg strength," he smirked.

"And how would you know?" Chill teased them, draping an arm over Mandy's shoulders he smiled playfully.

She brushed him off, shoving his arm away and leaning over the bar towards Matt.

He smiled, leaned in and kissed her gently. Behind him came the loud whapping sound of another guy losing to the bull.


Meanwhile an unnatural darkness grew in Europe.

Deep down below the ruins of a castle, it had waited and plotted. For years it waited for the appropriate time to hatch its vengeance. It had gathered its army of red demons. Resurrected the Twins, and rebuilt its base, now below the castle that once stood as its base. All it needed was a lure.

"I love you," Isaiah whispered as he leaned in kissing Laura. They could be considered pioneers, two Psionics willing to try to have a baby in a world that hated their kind.

"I love you too..." Laura was cut short by the screeching of something horrible. The demonic red creature landed but a few feet away from them, pointing some sort of rifle at the two. Isaiah instinctively and protectively stood between the attacker and the woman he loved. "Run, save yourself and our child!" he yelled to Laura as his spikes ripped out of his skin. He would grow in size, forming into a hulk with thorns.

The Demon aimed the weapon and fired, blasting a net at its prey.

Isaiah shriveled up; caught in the net he succumbed to its paralyzing effects.

Laura turned to run but also fell victim to the neutralizing effects of the net.

Sightings of the demons and Psionic kidnappings went on through the night. By daybreak, half of Europe's Psionic population was either dead or missing, captured prisoners of the Demons.


The Harley Davidson 100th edition VCSR pulled into the garage of the mansion. Mandy climbed off from behind Matt as he let the engine purr a little bit longer. He put down the kick stand, and then killed the engine. Matt dismounted with a smile. “So...hack n slash?” he asked.

"Hack n slash," she replied with the same smile. For the past month they stayed up late watching these movies, ending up falling asleep in each others arms on the couch in the rec-room. Garston, Astral, and Snow had talked to them about it, but came to the conclusion that they could keep it up, as long as they left certain things to their dorms and only their dorms.

Laying next to Mandy on the couch, Matt would lay an arm over her waist, and used the other to prop his head above hers so he could see. "Ooh Hotel Hell, good movie," he said excited. It was one of his favorite 80s hack n slash movies.


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Re: 01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by Snow Leopard » February 11th, 2018, 8:24 pm

Sharon was about to shut off the lights and leave her office when the fax machine beeped and threaded paper automatically. Stepping over to the desk, she picked up the print out and read the information. Looking to the ceiling, she closed her eyes and said a silent prayer. The news was something she’d dreaded, with their lives it was a risk they took on a daily basis. It was telling the remaining members of the original team that she dreaded.

Locking the door, she stepped from the office and made her way through the library to the main corridor. At Garston’s office, she tapped on the door and heard him welcome her in.

“Director,” She spoke softly as she slipped inside.

“Good evening Sharon,” Garston signed a paper and slipped it into a manila envelope which he then set aside. “How’re things with your classes?”

“The students are doing better than expected.” Stepping to the desk, she took a deep breath and handed him the faxed paper. “I received this a few minutes ago.”

She watched a frown shadow his face as he read the information.

He sighed and set the paper on his desk. “I had hopes they would return as with the rest of the team… Has anyone else seen this?”

“No sir, I brought it to you,” She lowered herself into the chair facing him. Crossing her legs and sitting straight, her back rigid to the chair. “What do you think we should do?”

“Nothing at the moment,” He paused, waiting to see if she’d react before continuing. “Sharon, you tried your best under the circumstances. I understand that you weren’t ready and the leadership was forced on you.”

She shook her head, her eyes half closed. “Doctor, we’ve had this conversation many times, and it always come out the same; we agree I wasn’t ready and Zetes didn’t realize that.”

Garston rubbed his chin as he listened to her use a different choice of words as opposed to the many times she’d allowed her emotions to speak for her. Lowering his hand, he simply watched her. “Sharon, I think what you can do is guide them, maybe not as a leader but more as a parent figure.” With a shrug of his shoulders, he smirked. “I happen to know that both Splitz and Hollow are very fond of you in that sense.”

It was Sharon’s turn to smirk with a snicker. “I saw them earlier, apparently they’ve developed quite a bond and they have been good for each other.”

“I do hope it serves them well.” Garston said with a raised brow. “As for this I think we should keep it quiet; the time will come to say something but for now, I see no need.”

“Do you think it would be a distraction?” She asked.

“I do,” He nodded. “Things have been some what quiet lately and while that does make me wonder, it’s good to give the students time to relax and enjoy some semblance of a normal life.”

“Speaking of relaxing, there’s a book in my room Mom gave me six years ago I’ve yet to finish.” She chuckled.

Garston checked his watch. “Now sounds like a fairly good time to take advantage of the opportunity.”

As if on cue, his desk phone rang, interrupting their conversation. As he answered it, Sharon made a motion towards the door and left him to his caller.

Walking through the corridor, she noticed the students contently move about. She nodded to Astral and Venus then found herself joined by Arcas, a bear-like Psionic, as they approached the rec-room. They took one glance at the couple dozing on the couch in front of the blue screen TV. Arcas turned off the set as Sharon took a throw blanket to cover Matt and Mandy.

Arcas stepped up quietly behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Ah, young love.” He whispered. Leaving the two to their dreams, they stepped out with Sharon gently closing the door.

He gave her a gentle hug and touched her chin. “Good night Sharon.”

“Good night Arcas, see you in the morning.” She made her way upstairs, pausing on the steps with a memory flash of a young Psionic in her charge.

It seemed like a life time ago, like a different life all together. With a shudder, she rubbed her arms and made her way to the ladies side and room 7, which had been her room since she was a student.

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Re: 01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by Archivist » February 11th, 2018, 8:25 pm

Originally Posted by Ice - with Splitz - JP

The sun had completed its rise over the Atlantic striking its rays of brilliant light against the shield and visor of the rider. The Black Suzuki motorcycle fishtailed around the corner coming up on the mansion quickly, the figure riding upon the back obviously female from the curves the black leather body suit made. The black helmet gave her a streamline effect. At the gate, she buzzed in.

Approaching the front steps, she pulled the bike around a 90-degree angle and skidded to a stop just nearly hitting one of the other motorcycles lined up in front of the mansion. She laughed as she kicked down the kickstand of her bike and looked at the thing sitting next to her baby.

Pulling off her helmet her long deep blue hair fell around her shoulders. Unzipping the riding suit she folded it down around her hips revealing a black tank top. She tucked the helmet under her arm and walked up to the door. She simply walked inside even though she hasn’t been home for a good long time. A smile upon her nearly blue lips, she looked like she was a walking frozen corpse.

Mandy had been up early, practicing her tai chi in the garden, she was wiping her face and approaching the front door when she stopped, seeing her old friend. "Hey Ice, welcome home."

Noting her friend, Ice simply shrugged. Most of the time people around her can feel the cold coming off of her due to her low body temperature, but that is if they were sensitive to their surrounding temps. “Hey!”

Mandy couldn’t help but smile, things had been going well for some time and she was enjoying the peace at the manor. "I was about to grab some coffee; care to join me?"

She smiled, looking to Mandy. “I’ll join you; though I don’t feel like burning my tongue this morning.”

Mandy chuckled. “That’s ok, I knew you’d be back some time, there’s a stock of frappuccino Popsicles in the freezer.” She giggled as she led the way to the kitchen.

“That is great!” Ice said. She followed her old friend to the ever popular kitchen of the Garston Manor. “It’s so good to be home”

Entering the kitchen she moved to the fridge and opened up the freezer grabbing a frozen frappuccino and began eating it just as if an ice cube, and liking it.

Mandy glanced at her as she fixed a large serving in her favorite “X-Treme Team” mug before retreating to the table by the window. While the other students meandered into the dining hall, she preferred the much quieter area.

Ice leaned against a wall quietly licking at the frozen coffee Popsicle. Watching the cook and his assistants preparing breakfast, Ice wondered why she stayed away so long. Then she remembered the money that resided within her pocket and smiled.

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Re: 01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by NPCs » February 11th, 2018, 8:28 pm

( group post )

Sharon had to force herself out from the covers of her soft bed. She hadn't slept well that night and her eyes were the evidence. Dressing in a pair of blue jeans and a white button down shirt, she stepped into her canvas shoes and shuffled downstairs. In the middle of a yawn, as she reached the bottom of the stairs, she stopped to rub her eyes. Several students rushed by, one bumping into her.

"Sorry, Dr. Yates." He called back.

Sharon caught her reflection in the mirror as she passed the foyer. I look like a nightmare.

There is fresh coffee in the kitchen. Director Garston's voice whispered in her mind.

Thank you. She looked to the ceiling with a sigh. She had to clear the fog from her mind. She caught certain, distinct thoughts coming from the kitchen. "Ice?"

As she made her way towards the kitchen, the cell phone hanging from her hip chirped. With the earpiece in place, she depressed one button to answer. “Good morning Mom.” She rubbed at her face, she'd just woken up, hadn't even taken a shower yet not to mention her dire need for some serious caffeine.

“Good morning Dear,” Sally Yates said. “I was just calling, as all mothers do to see how things were… If there was a chance you could drop by this weekend or if things were just too serious.”

She was barely fazed by all the fuss in the kitchen for the breakfast rush as she spoke with her mother. "You have no idea how serious; I’m going over Final exams."

"Afterwards then, some mother daughter time," Sally Yates said. "I'm planning a vacation for us."

"Yeah, okay- listen, Mom, there's something I need to tell you so I'll stop by this evening," Sharon said.

"I'll see you then. I have to go- love you." Sally said.

"Love you too Mom." She closed her flip phone and set it on the counter by the coffee pot. Sharon leaned against the counter as she savored her first mug of coffee. She sipped her coffee; as the aroma drifted up to her nose. As the caffeine began taking its effect, she mentally reviewed the conversation from the night before.

She finally looked up to see them. Ice was leaned against the freezer munching on a frappuccino popsicle and Mandy sat at the table with Garston. Sharon smiled more to herself. It was almost like old times. As she approached the table, she looked to Garston, the man in the three piece suit seated at the table. He leaned back just so to catch the light of the sun on his newspaper.

He glanced up at her with a nod and raised his mug to her like a toast. We'll tell them when the time is right.

Of course, when it's right. Sharon nodded and returned the toast.

"You two look serious," Mandy said.

"Like I told Mom," Sharon winked at her. "I’m going over Final exams."


Mandy froze in place wondering if her mentor already knew how she did. When Sharon winked at her, she rolled her eyes and resumed fixing her coffee in her favorite X-Treme Team mug. She waited for Ice to grab one of her treats. "I'm pretty sure I nailed mine."

"I’m sure you did." Sharon sat in the chair across from Garston, resting her arms on the table and then her head on her arms. "I just need to wake up."

"Sharon will have the results on time like she does every term," Garston said. He folded the newspaper and set it aside. "And I have a meeting with someone from The Consortium."

"Are they looking for new recruits, again?" Sharon asked. She sat back with a huff, slumping her shoulders. She gazed out the window to the late Spring scenery outside.

"I never know until I speak with them." Garston stood and moved to the coffee station to top off his mug. "Sarah, nice to see you home." With a nod to her, he left.

Ice leaned against a wall quietly licking at the frozen coffee treat. Watching the others talking and wondering why she stayed away so long, then remembered the money that resided within her pocket and smiled.

With Garston gone, Mandy turned in her seat to face Sharon. "Snow, I think you need a vacation."

Sharon smirked with a chuckle as she took up the newspaper. "People have been telling me that for years."

"I'm serious," Mandy quickly glanced to Ice and back. "If anyone one around here's earned one, it's you."

"And where would I go?" Sharon raised her six-foot tail, wagging the tip. The black and white rosette fur rippled with the movement. "I don't exactly blend in."

"Neither do I," Ice chimed in. "I still manage."

"You have the luxury of being able to not give a damn." Sharon slipped from her chair and stepped to the coffee station. She mixed herself a fresh cup, with milk and sugar. "I may be able to control my telepathy but I still pick up surface thoughts here and there. People aren't exactly accepting of those of us who don't look human."

"Doesn't The Consortium have a number of places to visit?" Mandy asked.

Sharon studied her in that moment. Mandy sat with her legs crossed, half turned with one shoulder pressed against the back of her chair. She had one hand on her mug and the other resting on her knee. Her stance was a reflection of her thoughts, revisiting her tai chi exercises mentally made her calm, peaceful, relaxed.

"All right," Sharon nodded. "After this term is over, I promise to look into it."

"Good," Mandy jumped up and grabbed her mug and workout bag. "I'm hitting the showers."

"Just a minute, I have something for you to think about," Sharon said. "Garston and I talked last night. We think you're ready to lead a team."

"Me?" Mandy asked.

"Her?" Ice asked at the same moment.

"There's a team that needs a new leader and you are qualified," Sharon said. She took up the newspaper, tucking it under her arm. "Think about it."

"Yeah, sure." Mandy wagged her head. "No promises though."

As Sharon left, Mandy turned to Ice, he mouth agape. "Me, a team leader?"

"They could choose worse." Ice quipped then flinched. "Sorry, that came out wrong."

"Oh, thanks a lot." Mandy shook her head. "I don't know what I want but I know it's not this."

"You need to get out there," Ice tossed away the wrapper of her first frap-cycle and started on her second one. "Have some adventures like me. Or come with me… It'd be great. You and me, Fire and Ice, against the world."

Mandy folded her arms, looking to her friend with skepticism. "Your email said you wanted to come home."

"I did… I do." Ice sighed. "It's complicated."

"It always is with us... I really need that shower." Mandy shook her head again and followed Sharon out of the kitchen.

In the corridor, she held back in seeing Sharon speaking with several of the team leaders and Zetas, another mentor. She could barely make out what they were saying.

"Garston doesn't want their team to know just yet," Sharon said. Her back was to Mandy, but she was still the one Mandy could hear best. "We received word last night, both Zangri and Trina are missing and presumed dead."

"Are there any leads?" Zetas asked.

"They were in France," Sharon said. "There's been a number of disappearances there. The word from The Consortium's Versailles office says that only Psionics are being taken."

"Dollars to donuts that's why their agent is coming to speak with Garston," Zetas said.

"We can only guess but that would probably be mine," Sharon said.

Mandy turned back, leaning against the wall as she closed her eyes. God, please let them be all right.

Heading back to the kitchen, she missed seeing Sharon look over her shoulder. Mandy paused for a moment at the sight of Ice enjoying her treat. She clenched her hand into a fist. Part of her wanted to say something, part of her wanted to remain quiet. They had been a tight team, training, studies, and fighting against the impossible. They had been tight friends supportive, encouraging, and loved. She wanted to scream, but that other side of her, the trained side of her kept her quiet.

"What's wrong?" Ice asked.

"I… I can't." Mandy dropped her fist onto the counter and bit her lower lip. "I.. I need that shower." She rushed up the back stairwell.

Halfway up, she paused again, tears threatening to break free. Several students pounded down the stairs with sports gear. Mandy forced herself to stand tall, letting them pass.

"Thanks, Splitz." One of the girls said as they rushed passed her.

"Yeah, have fun." She shook her hands, swiped at her face and rushed to her room.

Once inside, she slammed the door and fell against it. She slid to the ground and pulled her legs up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. She bowed her head and let the tears come.
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Re: 01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by Torque » February 11th, 2018, 8:29 pm

The early morning started with the disruption of dreams by the intrusive alarm clock that met its fate against the far wall, shattering the glass and warping its blare. A small black and brown streak burst from under the covers of the queen sized bed. The Yorkshire chased after the clock, growling as it pounced and tussled with the power cord. Yipping and bouncing, she tackled and snapped at the cord before jumping at the clocks final buzz. The dog ran out of the room.

The bed covers moved again, this time the owner of the lavish home stirred, pushed off the satin covers and sat up with a graceful yawn and stretched her arms above her head. The tall slender blonde slinked out of the bed, Her eyes were half closed as she made her way to the bathroom. In the shower, she let the steaming hot water cascade over her body and drenched her hair for several minutes as she woke up. She repeated this again after a good lathering to wash her hair.

After turning off the water, she grabbed a plush white bathrobe to wrap herself in and secured her hair in a peach colored towel. Stepping from the bathroom, she made her way to the kitchen where she blended a frozen fruit drink and opened a small can of dog food. Whistling for the dog, Tami then turned to check the messages on her video phone. She listened as she cracked open the newspaper and began skimming over the morning's articles.

Tami sipped her breakfast drink as her eyes skimmed over the international news. She paused to read the story regarding the night’s disappearances in Europe. It was over shadowed by an article reporting on another local homicide.

In the middle of reading, her cell phone chimed. She snatched it up from her belt and flipped it open. She didn't bother with the caller-ID, she just assumed who it was. "This is Torque, do you have a job for me?"

“Good, you've seen the news morning." Joe Pierce said. "Meet me at the site at nine am.”

Glancing at the clock, her eyes went wide; it was 8:45 am. Downing her breakfast drink, she rushed back to her bedroom, threw on a pair of jeans and gray tank top. Slipping on her boots, she grabbed her black jacket with the blue shoulder stripe.

Snagging a collection of keys off the kitchen counter, she tapped one of the tiles on the kitchen wall. It opened a hidden door revealing a secret passage. She slipped through, grabbing the sleek black helmet that hung on the wall just inside the small hallway.

Giving a single nod to her brother sitting at the computer center, she mounted her Kawasaki Ninja, revved the engine and tore out from their underground center using the tunnels under the neighborhood.

The storm from the previous night had left the streets scattered with puddles of water. Tiny ripples showed the only evidence that the rain was still falling in a light drizzle. Tami rode over the streets sending water spraying up behind her every time she rounded a corner. She made her way to Central Park, slowing before reaching the bridge where the man stood.

He waited underneath the cover of the cement walking bridge, the collar of his trench coat turned upwards to hide his face from passer-bys. He turned as Tami brought her bike to a stand beside him.

She pulled off her helmet, letting her damp strands of blonde hair fall over her shoulders. “What’ve you got for me?” She asked.

He passed her a large envelope and then pulled back as he coughed.

She raised a brow, watching him. “Better stay out of this stuff, might catch a cold.”

He chuckled. “Your concern is endearing… everything you need is there.”

Looking into the envelope, she pulled out the pictures of the gruesome scene depicting the cruel detention and mutilation of three young Psionics. Her jaw clenched and she held her breath as she sifted through the others. “Is this real or did they stage it?” She asked.

“Oh, it’s real, all right,” Joe said. He shoved his hands into his pockets and made a nodding motion for her to walk with him.

Sliding off her bike and securing the electromagnetic lock she hooked the keys on to her belt and set the helmet on the handlebar. Holding the file tucked under her left arm she walked with him in silence for several minutes before he spoke.

“We found the bodies this morning, unceremoniously dumped in the Potomac.” He touched his fingers to his upper lip. As he looked to the East, he took a deep breath. “Clash was one of our best, it was his case… He got too close.” He turned to look at her, half smirking.

“I take it that you want me to take over the case then?” She asked.

He nodded. “I warn you, Clash thought that it might be connected to your parents’ deaths… Torque, you’re the only one in the area close enough to DC.”

“Terrific, I get selected by default despite a conflict of interest.” A sarcastic snicker passed in her tone. “It sounds like my kind of case.”

“I won’t argue, just be careful.” He tapped a gloved finger to her nose. “Remember what happened to your parents.”

“I hate when you do that.” She said. She rubbed at her nose.

He chuckled again. “Torque, I don’t tell him about your assignments either, to him, you’re incommunicado.”

She raised her right arm, flipping her hair back over her shoulder. “Tit for tat doesn’t stop me from missing him. He was a good sparring partner.”

The man put his head back as he laughed. “You two certainly made things interesting at the center, a pyro and a hydro kinetic,” He sighed and shrugged. “At least in the idea it seemed like a good partner match, balancing out.”

They returned to her bike and she released the security system then tucked the package into the compartment under the seat. “Yeah, you always remind me of that.” She said. Mounting her bike, she paused to look at him. “Tell the truth, Joe, I disappointed you didn’t I?”

He turned up the collar of his trench coat and closed the front clasp. “You can start with my old friend the director of The Garston Institute. He’s waiting to hear from you.” He sighed tensely then smiled with pride. “Torque, you surpassed my expectations in a lot of ways.”

With a sarcastic smirk, she slipped on her helmet and used her heel to snap up the kickstand. Revving the engine she spun out, spraying him from a puddle of water with her back tire.

As she rode off, memories of their past filled her mind. Joe Pierce was her recruiter to The Consortium. He had introduced her to Clash and paired them to train together. And Joe had pissed her off and she reacted like a child. He knew how she felt and he could’ve stopped things by telling her the truth. Now, she tolerated him, accepting the packages and jobs from The Consortium through him. The sarcasm was pure enjoyment.

Approaching traffic, she had to slow down and weave her way through the cars of angry drivers. Some waved their fists at her, others blasted her with obscene words and she simply waved them off. In a way, it was fun for her, she liked her bike, it took her places and ways any four-wheeler couldn’t. This included maneuvering through the large bulky vehicles stuck in traffic.

Making her way out of traffic, she moved on to the interstate as the com-unit in her helmet buzzed. She tapped the controls on her belt to open the call. “Torque, talk to me.”

“Blaze here, can you meet me up north?” The woman asked.

“Negative, got a package this morning,” Tami said. She used their figured code talk.

“Damn, I really need your help with something and you owe me.” Blaze said.

“Oh I see, in that case, I’m on my way.” She shifted gears and changed lanes, taking an off ramp to switch directions.

Not much later, she was passing through Westchester when she called her colleague.

“This is Blaze,” The woman said.

“I’m about ten minutes out, this had better be good,” Tami said.

“It’ll be worth it for you or I wouldn’t call in the marker.” Blaze said.

Leaning to her left, Tami eased her bike around a sharp turn. She was thinking of a response to her friend when a squirrel darted into the road. “Oh, crap!” She tried adjusting, her reflexes were fast but not fast enough. It seemed like seconds passed as she tried to avoid the rodent. The bike slipped out from under her, crashing into a large tree. Tami felt the hard, wet asphalt meet her back, her head slamming down as she slid across the road and met up with her bike.

She felt a sharp pain on her hip as the phone was crushed from her roll. Pain shot through her system like a flash of lightning surging through her body. As it subsided, she lied flat on the ground looking upwards. She sighed heavily then tried rolling to get up. Her body reacted with sharp pains in her sides and legs. Closing her eyes, she cursed to herself at her own stupidity. Turning her head, she tried taking off the helmet and the first thing she noticed was the squirrel sitting on a rock grooming itself. “Bastage!”

In a burst of energy, her hand went out and a blast of water shot forth striking the squirrel off his rock. With that done, Tami rested again and thought about moving. “Blasted squirrel.” Pulling off her helmet, she tossed it towards the wreckage of her bike.

The quickness of the accident and the coverage of her helmet had kept her from seeing the approaching vehicle. She was too irritated to see the man who approached her.

“Are you all right?” Zetes asked.

"Hello Zetes," she said. Recognizing his voice, she opened her eyes to see the dark face of the man crouching beside her. Rubbing at her temple she groaned. “I could use some help getting up if you don’t mind.”

“Hello to you too Torque,” He said. He gently took hold of her hand and helped ease her to sit up before standing. “That was some spill you took.”

“And I’m sure the squirrel enjoyed his bath.” Tami glared in the direction of the rock. The squirrel had returned to its roost, soaking wet. A sly smile crossed Tami’s face feeling some what justified.

“Do you always attack innocent woodland creatures with your abilities?” Zetes asked.

“Only when they cost me my bike,” She said. Tami moved slowly to look at the man who stood with his arms folded, dark sunglasses covered his eyes.

She held her arm clutching at her ribs from the wash of pain. They grabbed her as she doubled over, helping her to their vehicle. She was barely coherent at that point, vaguely noting the thud from her bike being placed on the roof of the vehicle or moving from the scene. However, she was acutely aware of the pain she experienced.
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Re: 01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by Archivist » February 11th, 2018, 8:30 pm

Original Poster: Hollow

Matt was where he could oft be found, well when he wasn’t with Mandy. It had been good to see her smile and be as relaxed as she was last night at the bar.

Surrounded by the labyrinth of the rose garden, Matt had found that he was the only person to find the exact spot he went to almost every day for at least two hours. Although Mandy could just as easily be found there when she was looking for him.

Thinking about how much happier she seemed last night than in for how long he had known her made him smile. The first time in his life he had smiled during meditation. Opening his eyes he’d take a deep breath, gathering his composure, he’d return to meditation. It wasn’t often thoughts of Mandy kept him from meditation, but it had happened a few times before.

Matt knew he wasn’t going to be able to meditate with her on the brain, well not with her so strongly on the brain. Jumping off the bench, he’d excitedly head towards the mansion to find her. He hadn’t seen her since last night. Whoop dee do right? Hey, he was rejected and neglected love at a very young age, of course, he’s going to get whooped, easily.

Entering the kitchen via the sliding glass door, he noticed Snow, Arcas, Ice, and Director Garston already there.

Stopping on site of Ice, he’d smirk, making his way over to the coffee machine. Fixing a mug to how he preferred his coffee, he then walked over to Ice, his demeanor as if he saw her every day.

Putting an arm on her shoulder playfully as he leaned close to her. He took a sip of his coffee then smirked. “Is it…cold in here to anyone else?”

With everyone groaning at his pun, Ice nudged him hard in the ribs with her sharp elbow.

Laughing he’d turn around where he could lean on the island counter and look to her at the same time. “Where’ve you been? You know how many times I nearly killed myself because I didn’t have a nice pile of snow to land on?”

While literally on the part of needing something soft like snow to land on when doing things like say, sky surfing directly into the New York streets below at who knew how many miles per hour, he was just giving her hell. Smiling, he hugged her. “It’s good to see you.”

“God Matt, it's been so long” she smiled as she returned the embrace. It wasn’t a long hug, as he would have wanted; she’d shove him off before she’d freeze him.

“I must have forgotten,” he’d smile, and then looked to Sharon and Arcas. “Have any of y'all seen Mandy?”

“Don’t you usually meditate this time of day?” Garston asked.

“Yes sir, but she keeps popping into my head, can't seem to clear my mind when all I can think about is her…so naturally, I’m going to put off meditations and spend time with her.”

Arcas and Sharon looked at each other, humorous grins on their faces as they thought the same thing.

“What?” he should have seen it coming; Arcas and Sharon flicked their arms as if cracking whips.

“Nuh-uh!” he couldn’t help but laugh a bit, himself.

“Oh come on Matt, I can count the things you think about on one hand!” Arcas said teased. “Mandy, meditations, food, Mandy, sleep” Arcas counted off, making Sharon and Ice laughed.

Director Garston chuckled to himself; he always found it good to see everyone so light-hearted. Unfortunately, Matt hadn’t heard the news. “Everyone, may I have a moment alone with Matt?”

He intended to call Mandy in later to inform her of the information. The three looked at each other, then to Matt solemnly before leaving.

Turning to the Director, his curious confusion could be seen written on his face with “Wasn’t me!”

“You're not in any trouble Matt…There has just been some information faxed today. I know you were one of the ones hoping everyone from your original team would return, and I know how fond you were of everyone.”

After hearing him out, Matt retreated upstairs to Mandy's room. He didn’t have a key to her door, but he didn’t need one, all he had to do was phase into intangibility and walk through the door. Inside, he lied on her bed, taking up a photo album to look through as he waited for her.

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Re: 01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by Eve » February 11th, 2018, 8:31 pm

Two hulking figures of silhouetted mystery stood before a view screen, before their lord. Behind them, uniformed personnel moved about. Some performed daily tasks while others prepared equipment for departure.

“Sir, the latest demons have been formed” a calm, corrosive voice came from the darkness. “They are magnificent.”

“They should be ready for battle within the week” a more intimidating, harsher, yet feminine voice followed.

There was no face on the screen, just a shadow with two glowing red eyes. “Excellent, and what of our targets?” a demonic voice seemed to send chills deep into your bones.

“Our spy says that they are unaware and vulnerable, those who gave us trouble the last time have disbanded, a few are regrouping and hope for the whole group to reform, but with that hope, they are vulnerable” the woman's voice rang through again.

“We have managed to take out two of them.” The man said. “And at the moment we have the advantage.”

“Good, see to it that we keep the advantage.” The screen went blank.

“Do you think that he suspects our own plans?” The man asked.

“No, and let’s keep it that way.” The woman turned from him and walked out. Her platinum blonde ponytail swung like a pendulum.
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Re: 01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by Torque » February 11th, 2018, 8:32 pm

The fluorescent lights flickered above as she opened her eyes. At first Tami was unsure of her surroundings; she had to reflect on what happened. Looking around, she noticed a woman in a stark white lab coat with auburn hair pinned up and away from her neck. Standing at a lab table she was engrossed with something under a microscope.

Tami decided she needed to move; slowly, she tried to sit up from the bio-bed. The moment she moved the sheet, she gained the woman’s attention. The tapping of heels on tile floor made Tami stop, letting her legs dangle off the bed. She twitched her neck until she heard a slight cracking noise followed by a sensation of release from the discomfort. Raising her hand, she rubbed at the nape and found the IV tube strapped to her arm.

“How’re you feeling?”

Tami looked to the woman and blinked. “I feel like I was hit by a Mac truck.”

The woman smirked as she checked the tube and removed the needle from Tami’s arm. “I don’t think you’ll need this anymore.” She said. Pulling back, she set the items on a metallic tray. “You had a nasty accident; Zetes tells me you tried avoiding a squirrel?”

Tami coughed and looked away. “Don’t remind me, please… My boss won't let me live this one down.”

“My name’s Venus,” The woman said. “You were brought to the Garston Institute for the gifted.”

“Garston,” Tami tweaked a brow. “Do you mean Dr. Julian Garston?” She asked.

Venus smiled shyly and nodded. “The same… The guys would’ve taken you to the local hospital except they noticed your display of hydrokinetics.”

“Oh that,” Tami shrugged, she hadn’t thought about the name of her talent in years. It was a gift to her, and her sensei had taught her to appreciate it; to not make a fuss with showmanship.

Venus placed a pile of clothes on the bed, dropping the boots on top as she glanced over Tami’s attire. “You might want to put these on; we can’t have people walking around in hospital gowns.”

“What about my own clothes?” Tami asked. Setting the boots aside, she stripped off the gown and pulled on the white sweat shirt then the blue denim jeans. “I’m kind of partial to them, especially the jacket.”

“I’ll see that you get them back,” Venus nodded. “These should do in the mean time.” She handed Tami a soft brush and a band for her hair. “Are you interested in knowing the extent of your injuries or how long you’ve been here?”

Fastening her digital watch to her wrist, Tami glanced at it. “Three days, six hours, is that about right doc?” She asked.

Venus smirked. “Yes, that’s about right.”

Pushing off the bed, Tami pulled the boots on and draped the pant legs over them before tying up her hair. “I didn’t feel anything snap or break during the accident, so I assume I’m okay… I’m not meaning to be rude but I have something that needs to be done.”

“Your bike was totaled, there’s nothing left of it.” Venus said. She made a gesturing motion towards the entry doors and they walked out together. “And the director would like to speak with you.”

Tami waged her hand as she shook her head with her eyes half closed. “I’d like to speak with him as well.” She glanced around, seeing a man enter another room with several teenagers dressed in black jumpsuits. “There’s some one here that I’m supposed to meet with.”

As they made their way to the main level, Venus handed her the envelop she'd received from Joe Pierce. When they stepped off the elevator, Tami turned around with the look of sudden realization. “You said my bike was totaled?” She asked.

“That’s right; Arcas has it in the garage. He might be able to save it, we’re not sure.”

Rounding a corner to the foyer, they paused at the scene in front of them. Tami stood stock still, her eyes locked on one of the men. “Benny?”

The scruffy looking man glanced to her and scurried away.

Tammy pursed her lips and balled her hand into a fist.

The voice of Garston whispered in her thoughts. "He's blocking me. Try to catch him."
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Re: 01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by Double Fire » February 11th, 2018, 8:35 pm

with Hollow - JP

A knock on her door and Mandy sat up from her bed. She wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. "Who is it?"

"It's Snow, can we talk?"

She stood and checked herself in her cheval mirror then open the door.

"You okay?" Snow asked.

"Yeah," Mandy lied even though she knew her mentor's telepathy would know the truth. "I've been trying to get to the showers but I've been too distracted."

"Well then, I've got another distraction for you." Snow held out a clipboard. "They need some extra hands in the gym for tonight's dance."

"A dance? Who's idea was this?" She accepted the clipboard and looked over the papers.

"Garston," Sharon smile, showing her cat like fangs. "Things have been quiet so he thought it was a good time."

"Yeah, sure," Mandy slipped on her canvas shoes and joined Sharon for the gym.


She found herself in the gym, seated on top of a tall ladder hanging streamers for the dance. While Mandy had been willing to help organize and decorate for the dance. She was unsure of whether or not she would attend. She was even less certain that Matt would want to. She was also conflicted about why it bothered her so much; it wasn’t like her to be this way over her feelings. That was the one thing she had control of throughout her life.

Securing the streamers in place, she looked over the students who made up the committee. They were relaxed, giggling, and having a good time. The site made her smile and in her thoughts, she realized this dance Garston was insisting on was a great idea. She jumped down from the ladder and moved to the refreshment table. She opened a bottle of coke cola as Matt approach. He grabbed a bottle of Dr Pepper.

"It looks like it's going to be fun." He said.

"Yeah, it’s a refreshing change of pace." She tossed the lid in to the trash then took a drink from the bottle.
"So, have you got a date yet?" He asked.

“I don’t know if I’m even coming” She leaned on the table, crossing her ankles. “Snow asked me to help set up and you know I can’t say no to her, how about you?"

"Eh… I figured I’d play some pc games. I’m really not a good dancer." he took a drink of his Dr. Pepper. He looked around the place then to her. "Or I’ll just practice my guitar or something." With his free hand he squeezed the plastic cap between his index finger and thumb, as she opened her mouth to speak. Shooting it forward and getting the 1000 point shot of making it between her lips. He couldn’t help but laugh at the look on her face as she sat there in momentary shock, surprise and bewilderment.

Mandy spit the cap in to her hand. "Nice shot," She couldn't help but laugh. "Bet you couldn't do that a second time if you tried."

"Should we test that?" He asked. He had a mischievous grin as he reached for the cap in her hand.

"I'll pass thanks." She pulled her hand back. "As for the dance, I plan on working on my studies or hitting the firing range, maybe take the Cessna out for a bit."

She looked over at the younger students, having fun with the decorating and it made her feel some what depressed. She decided she really didn't want to be around it. "I’m hitting the showers, I'll catch you later." Stepping away from the table, she dropped the bottle cap in his hand. "You always could make me laugh." She placed her hand on his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek.


He wasn’t about to let her get away, they needed to talk. As he made his way upstairs after her, he phased to invisible. He didn’t have a key to her door, but he didn’t need one. All he had to do was phase into intangibility and walk through the door. Matt would lie on the bed, waiting for her to be done.


Mandy leaned against the tiled wall of the shower, she still felt flushed from how it felt just being with Matt. Pushing from the wall, she stepped in to the water letting it hit her face as she pushed back her hair.

Things were good with Matt. They had fun with the mechanical bull; the many times she had taken him up in her plane, even when they worked on overhauling the Cessna had been fun. Perhaps it was the quietness of the past few months, the lack of action outside of academics and training.

Finished with her shower, she wrapped a small towel around her hair and a large one around her body before stepping from the stall. Reaching her locker and opened it to find her clothes missing. Glancing around, she heard giggles and shushes from a hidden alcove. A smirk crossed her face; she wasn’t going to let these pranksters have their victory.

Slamming the locker closed, she gave an exaggerated shrug and promptly walked out of the girls shower hall. When she reached her room and stepped inside. As she started to remove the towel wrapped around her, she noticed Matt. She froze, speechless.
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Re: 01 Some Things Never Die... Some Things Do

Post by Snow Leopard » February 11th, 2018, 8:36 pm

Sharon dismissed her last class of the morning. She went to the kitchen for lunch. The first thing she did was grab a vanilla coke then made a sandwich with a side of fruit salad. Taking a seat at the table she ate quietly as she worked with the cook and his kitchen staff on the menu for the dance. The students had settled on the sci-fi theme 'Reach for the Stars' which left the menu open for any number of ideas.

The conversation was light and enjoyable and gave an air that things were normal. Then a student walked in, wobbly, he braced himself against the wall then stumbled to the island counter. "Dr Snow, I don't feel so good."

Sharon rushed to his side, using her telekinesis to slide a chair along with her. She eased the student down to it.

He leaned forward, his head in his lap with his hands on the back of his neck. "It hurts."

"Easy," She rubbed his back. "Just take it-"

Then Sharon felt a twinge to her temple and she pressed her hand to it. Behind her closed eyes images swirled in her mind with flashes of bright lights. She flinched and blinked from the images not her own memories. The striking emotions forced her to shake her head. Whatever had breached her mind had grabbed hold.

"Dr. Yates, are you all right?" Pierre asked. The cook reached over and touched her hand to console her.

"My telepathy is acting strange." She tried shaking it off, rubbing her temples. "Maybe I am overworked."

"You are a workaholic," He said. He patted her hand. "We can manage these plans why don’t you take care of the child."

Forcing a nod, she couldn't shake the feelings she was having and she knew it was connected to the images she had received. Having trouble dispensing the images, she felt her mind as it was invaded by strobe like flashes of memories that were not her own. Her hand reached to the com-badge on her left shoulder and tapped it. "Code blue-" She barely got the words out when she doubled over from an image blasting in her mind. She hit the floor with a thud.

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